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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by -HadesWrath-, May 14, 2015.

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  1. Yep, I got a IT friend, who has said the same.
  2. well the issue is still going on.. =(
  3. Having the same problem since the end of Death Jaunt. Some ads are also inappropriate (how to deal with AIDS).
  4. This is getting silly. They need to fix the problem with the "advertisement" popping up while the content (another advertisement I assume) loads. It takes you from Pirate Storm to another website and then you have to sign back in. Meanwhile, you get NO REWARDS !!
  5. bp doesnt care anymore just deal with it or go to a new game they are not going to fix anything or stop pushing in arena blackbeard has pushed like crazy already and bp dont care.they just want ur money
  6. They have announced some bug fixes and has a new big update coming soon, so I'll see what happens.
  7. How is an ad about how to deal with AIDS any more "inappropriate" than any other ad of no personal interest?
  8. where did u see the big update coming frank is it in the forum
  9. As per Wedgewood's announcement:
    "Ahoy Pirates,

    Been waiting with bated breath for this summer's Great Pirate Tournament?

    Well, whip your cogs in shape, polish your cannons and sharpen your harpoons, because it's anchors aweigh on June 10th, 2015! Six battlefields have been set up by the merchant houses to determine the mightiest pirates on the seas!

    There will be a big update in round about 4 weeks, no new battle fields, but we are sure: You will like it!

    The Pirate Storm team "
  10. Brian

    Brian User

    Still no movie rewards. Very frustrating.
  11. Brian

    Brian User

    I too have this problem. It has existed for the last two weeks. Movie plays but no reward. Screen cannot be adjusted to see the entire advertizement so I don't know if the reward button shows or not. it worked fine before the current series of movies.
  12. ffwill

    ffwill User

    BP ... when ship theatre started.. you asked us to let you know if the ad's went over a certain time period.. many of us have been complaining now for months that the ads, like the one posted by fred_filthy, are not allowing us to collect rewards.. plus they go on forever or kick you off the game completely. If the theatre is not working please fix the issue or remove it.. It is not being used as intended.. When it did work, I enjoyed using it.. but for months now I would click on it, see the impossible ad show up, and click right out of it..
    Please correct the issue so us players can use it as intended..

    Thank you....
  13. FalconOfCO

    FalconOfCO User

    Same problem for over a month now. Why would people spend money on a game that has constant problems?
  14. Brian

    Brian User

    Four weeks or so after the format of the ships theater was changed and still no fixes. Still no rewards available for watching the videos. What the heck?!?
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