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    Ship's Theater

    What is the Ship's Theater?
    It's a kind of “Cash for Action“ promotion run directly in the game and in cooperation with our partners. And this is how it works: Simply click the “ACTION“ button and before you know it, a film will appear for you to start.​

    Where can I find the Ship's Theater?
    The Ship's Theater can be found in the harbor, in the tavern.​

    How many films can I watch daily?
    The number of films you can watch each day is limited. This limit can vary and is dependent on whether there are enough films in your country.​

    What do I receive for watching films?
    For watching a film, you always receive gold and XP. Every now and then there are also diamonds.​

    I can't watch any films. Why is this?
    Some ad blockers stop films from playing. Please ensure that you have deactivated ad blockers if you wish to watch a film.​

    Unfortunately our partners don't have films available every day and in every country.
    Sometimes it may occur that there are no films available for you to watch. In this case, please try again later or on the next day.​

    I didn't receive anything for watching the film and/or the film didn't work.
    Sometimes errors can occur when our partners set up the films. Should you notice something, please contact Support. We will forward this info directly to our partners. The more information you give us (e.g. content of the film, country, duration of the film, screenshots, etc.), the better and the quicker the problem can be fixed. Thank you for helping us!​

    How long are the films?
    In general, the films last 30 to 60 seconds. Please inform us if a film is longer than three minutes.
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