Ships/Boats Pirate Storm (MOST MAYBE NOT ALL)

Discussion in 'Players' Corner' started by Troywa65, Nov 30, 2015.

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  1. Troywa65

    Troywa65 User

    Theres about 27 ships in Pirate Storm, i'll name all or maybe most of the boats. Destroyer Of Worlds (DOW), Glad, FrostBrand, Ahab, Cordone, Dhuka, Paliden, "Orca" Battle Frigate, "Barracuda" Battle Frigate, "Piranha" Battle Frigate, Devastor, God Father l, God Father ll, Large Frigate, Frigate, Eagle Ship l, Eagle Ship ll, War Brigatine, Brigatine, Sloop, Blizzard, Dragon Boat 1, Dragon Boat 2, Arachne, Bloodmoon, Iceguard and the Large Buthu Frigate. This is all I know or remember. Who knows might be an new boat soon! WARNING: This is also out of order. Please note there will be an new Viking Ship soon.

    -Troywa65 hope you get back to this soon! Thank for chatting about it! :)

    New Thing ship/boat prices

    Ship/Boat prices, DOW 1 DS (DS=diamonds, Glad, 40K DS (K=thosand), Frosty (NOT sure) in the range of 12M-14M gold (M=millon) (Frosty is the nick for FrostBrand in the server USA1), Ahab 40K DS, Just doing the few best boats in the game. Happy to help my of these ? ask me.

    More of these comments and questions? If you do I will be happy to help with ships/boats. :)
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  2. GuanoCrazy

    GuanoCrazy User

    Arachne, Churning Envy, Bloodmoon ship and Fist of Iceguard are the only ones that i can think of that you are missing.
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  3. DarkLotus

    DarkLotus User

    that mean u still missing many event ship lol:rolleyes:
  4. there's also the ugly and useless buthu frigate
  5. PaganHorde

    PaganHorde User

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