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Discussion in 'Players' Corner' started by Kriza, Jul 17, 2015.

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  1. Kriza

    Kriza User

    I see many players with 50k hp and 10k dmg and I am not quite sure how did they get that strong. I know that sets help a lot but if you have any other advice on how to really build up a ship please reply:)
  2. SeaWolf101

    SeaWolf101 User

    Large Warrior cannons and unsinkable harpoons are worth spending skulls and diamonds for. Port Wars (PW) are a good source for obtaining skulls. PW's are usually found daily somewhere, and a good idea to fit them into your daily routine!
    Build up the cannons and harpoons in your workshop. Other cannons like 8, 9 and 10 pounders and sinkable harpoons aren't worth building up. In fact, they're a waste of time.
    Another thing to work on are your seals found on your profile page. They are linked together. Finish one seal and the seal next to it opens up. This will seem like it takes forever...And I guess it does, lol! But it is most important.
    Get a good ship, (Guild or Event ships are nice). If you have an Event ship, check out the Event items that will make your ship stronger. If you have a Guild ship, keep the sails it comes with. They were meant for that ship. Replacing them will slow your ship down and can not be reversed. Get a good bulkhead, and figurehead. Those are worth spending skulls or diamonds for.
    Build up the decks with unsinkable Large Warrior cannon, harpoons and Event items that fit your ship. The more decks, the more cannons and harpoons you can fit onto your ship. Get as many decks as you can that are unsinkable and meant for your ship. For me, Guild decks are the best. (Mahogany decks cost diamonds and they are sinkable!) This way you're not constantly spending time, money or diamonds replacing decks, cannons and harpoons if everything on your ship is unsinkable.
    A good source for diamonds, cannonballs, harpoons, and items for your workshop is farming or diving. The higher up you go in the Zones, the better the diamonds and other items are.
    Hope this helps you out. Happy Sailing!
  3. Amnesia

    Amnesia User

    In answer to your question----50 K HP mostly means they had a full seals and a full complement of Bloods on.
    10K Damage is achieved by seals, maxed captains orders, as many level III eagle and bombastic cannons as possible, full decks (probably including a blood moon deck), certain buffs, and a certain amount of luck
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  4. Kriza

    Kriza User

    thx guys for advice, I know a few more things now :D
  5. SeaWolf101

    SeaWolf101 User

    No problem, you're welcome. That's what it's all about, helping each other. Have Fun and Happy Sailing!
  6. Good, nice guide SeaWolf. We need new sustain active players.
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  7. SirEthan

    SirEthan User

    very good advice it helped me as well ;) ty guys
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  8. Kriza

    Kriza User

    I have a piranha with 22.5k hp now, i guess my best option is to go for frostbrand with deck?
  9. slammer

    slammer User

    it depends what you want the ship for. FRostbrand is a event ship and only available at certain times.
    If you need to lvl up and do quests on open maps then ahab is good for that.
    if you need ship for arena and battle fields gladiator is good for that

    Consider the more ships you have the more you have to upgrade
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  10. WOW! i am beginning to think this game is over my head,lol ty for all the advice though
  11. how do i get guild ships? the only ships i see to get are at the merchant which is just a largw frigate?
  12. Synalith

    Synalith User

    To get guild ships you need to be in a guild. The paladin (First guild ship you can get) appears in the merchant after you've been in a top 10 guild since 15th of last month. The Frosty (Better version of Paladin) you get from invasions in the winter event.
  13. also , how do i know how many skulls i have? ty
  14. slammer

    slammer User

    ok click on these icons battlegrounds -> warmaster -> rewards.
  15. slammer

    slammer User

    this is only for guild members.

    this is an idea keep the ship you have ( if it is a war brig) untill you get to zone 8B there is a quest where you can get a little bit better ship the dhuka upgrade it using only gold improvements. Play with this ship collecting diamonds and wait for an event to get an event ship.
  16. I went from sloop to war brig and i definately recommend that--i used the war brig in the arena and got enough skulls to get the piranha and the decks, bulkhead, etc that go with the piri.

    I no longer have the war brig but I do keep my piranha busy and i am level 33. ive gotten the summer set on her, almost all seals (the increased distance one rocks), all current captain's orders and the event decks on her and upgraded, upgraded my cannons and harps. It looks as if my guild is going to be in the top ten this month so i will get the guild deck then too. I can take similar level frost ships pretty easily with the piranha. The older dragon ships can sink me if I don't hit first and eventually the new ones may be able to--they havent been out a full year yet to get all the event decks. My cannons are about half bombs and half eagles. Gladiators are always a fun hit/sink too.

    Use your piri to farm too and I don't know if I'd go for an event ship right off except definately get an ahab they are absolutely the best for farming. I did succumb and got a Godfather2 and i really like it, but then it is equipped like my piri and ahab are. I thought I'd stop using the piri when I got the Godfather but nope, I still use the piri for certain Battlegrounds exclusively.

    Dont sell your piri short, there is a reason a number of level 50 players use piris: they can be devils to sink and for all their trouble you just get one skull if you do sink one :)
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  17. Troywa65

    Troywa65 User

    Do winter set and bloods. So if everybody did not have bloods max lives would be more like 35K lives. The people who shoot 10K lives use steel. Don't use steel it's an waste. They don't just use one blood, they use many! Use bloods if you have them. The max somebody can shoot with stone is 5K lives. The winter Set uses some diamonds and gold, samething with the summer set. it takes time to grow up. Bloods only last max is one day. Some just last one hour, some four, some six and some even 24 hours. Never run bloods before logged off. They use real time, if you use an blood those lives will not always be there, keep that in mind. The max i ever seen not in battle ground, is 56K lives. They all give not the same amount of lives. If your little you won't have all of that stuff till you grow up on Pirate Storm. Thanks for asking! :)

    ........US1 server :)
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