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Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by Hot_Shot_Rob™, Jan 14, 2020.

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  1. Bigpoint should really sell this game. Least then be something done to it by someone else. Cause they aint doing anything. Been over 3 years since anything been done to this game. Sell it to someone that will make changes and fix the current bugs in the game.
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    It's not something Bigpoint does, the game is 8 years old, the user is low who would buy it? When should you do a great job to insert many new things and also update it graphically? It would be a loss-making expense.
  4. Thank you for not deleting my post.
  5. + game dead
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    The game is "DEAD"
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    The game is not dead because if it would be, it wouldn't be accesible to play and just a forum for old memories. Better than complaining is to keep going with fuse servers ideea. All servers in a mega one and hire back a tehically guy (the one that can fix the bugs or improve our experience), my guessing there are no more. There are still players who pay for diamonds when it comes for lunar deck, believe it or not.
    Why should BP spend money on more staff? The same reason why people still play the game... P.S don't get angry, don't make me a "dreamer"... even I think I am.
  8. The game is dead for the ppl who have everything, nothing else to get, nothing to aim for, nothing to achieve and no hope of changes.

    That's only one side of the medal, heres for new players :

    No skulls for free large warrior, no portwars, no battlegrounds, corrupt arena

    And how about getting new users to engage? well : Facebook/twitter pages are abandoned, years of forums posts have been wiped, no announcement for upcoming events, virtually no ads to be seen anywhere..

    How about user retention ? One event out of five goes without bugs or delay. New ppl trying to get moon items hit a wall of ppl who have everything and will just bid stuff up, thats all they can do with their diamonds.

    Not even talking about the various bugs like the invulnerable guild island or fast shooting

    If you looking for a recipe to make a game fail and go belly up, follow Bigpoint's example.
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