SCA has openings for new players

Discussion in 'Guild & Arena Team Search' started by LtPumphrey, Oct 18, 2015.

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  1. LtPumphrey

    LtPumphrey User

    The SCA guild is accepting new players. Advice and assistance is offered with the intent of making long term players. This is a good place to start your pirate career.
  2. EddyJazz

    EddyJazz User

    Hi LtPumphrey ! I stopped by just to say hi to my old guildmates and still friends! I can endorse word by word your statement. I started in SCA and made it up till lvl 50. Having the chance to get guild items was priceless. Among them the Paladin with the Guild Deck I'm still using as main ship. My best to you all! :)
  3. EddyJazz just let (edit) know that he made (edit) mad and now his going to chain on(edit).. I've spoke to my Guild to chain(edit)members now.. good luck and enjoy
  4. adampbloom

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    Does(edit)still play?!?! So he'll sink a couple (edit) a few times a month...OH NO!! good luck and enjoy
  5. EddyJazz

    EddyJazz User

    I know (edit) quite well and if (edit) is mad at him it's hard to believe(edit)did anything less than decent in the game. You know, some people just go around looking for a reason to get mad at somebody else rather than enjoying the game. BTW if (edit) had some issue would be civilized addressing(edit)officials and trying to work things out without threatening an entire guild as only possibility. Anyway he's welcome to try chaining me...we're going to have some fun and action in the game. ;)
  6. EddyJazz

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    Edit???? What the heck? Are players' names something needing to be censored??? o_O
  7. Wedgewood

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    Usually speaking this is not the case however in circumstances where player disputes occur and there is the potential for slander or one claiming that their name has been slandered I am required to remove names I'm afraid. It is the same principle behind why guild tags are edited out. As both parties being mentioned were not directly involved in the thread or actively participating this was a major contributing factor. Apologies for all the edits, I wanted to avoid deleting posts.
  8. EddyJazz

    EddyJazz User

    I'm sorry it was perceived like a quarrell. Actually I was just making irony, not even sarcasm, on a threat to ease things. Ok. I won't add any further comment on this post. Thank you Wedgewood for clarifying. :)
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  9. Wedgewood

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    No problem EddyJazz. Thanks for your understanding. :)