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  1. Below is a list of all available sails, these can be found in the Merchant shop under the Improvement tab.

    Note. You can only have 1 sail improvement per ship.

    Rugged Hemp Sails


    Perfect for small boats and small budgets, these sails will help you crank your speed up in no time.

    Price: 5,000 Gold
    Speed Bonus: 3.7 Knots

    Rugged Linen Sails


    Every old salt swears by these rugged linen sails, which will catch the wind will drive you swiftly across the seven seas.

    Price: 30,000 Gold
    Speed Bonus: 5.6 Knots

    Hemp Sails


    Stronger, faster, better - go hard or go home with these strong sails set across your yardams.

    Price: 3,000 Diamonds
    Speed Bonus: 6.3 Knots

    Linen Sails


    Fine linen hoards even the slightest breeze. A testament to your crafts seaworthiness, these are among the best sails money can buy.

    Price: 6,000 Diamonds
    Speed Bonus: 7.8 Knots
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