Re-working arenas to destroy the DOW’s Monopoly.

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  1. -You can under your own bracket. Maybe it would be easier to understand if lets say we get a tittle of Arena Champions (Dow account owners) to regular arena challengers (Non-Dow account holders). You keep forgetting only the arena challengers (Non-dow account holders) can get the reward "Destroyer of Worlds" and only they should get the ranking points towards getting this reward.

    -That is a decision you as a player take. Some people would not want to be spending $300-$500 dollars to build a boat back up again just to delete it just so they are allowed to compete to prevent others from getting a DOW but some may (Don't think BP would object to those wanting to spend more cash).

    - Regarding people quitting, that happens everyday with or without this idea I am suggesting as interest comes and goes depending on the player.You and I every season participate to unlock certain items such us but not limited to "Propellants, Plates, Donors, etc". This idea wouldn't kill the game because this game is evolving and is bringing out new features which could be adapted to the arenas. (Example: Eagle Set)

    -The game didn't die after season 1-10 when people got their DOW's, why would it die after season 11 when new things are being added to the game? We have a small server, why not spice it up with competition.

    -The reason is wanting a "Destroyer of Worlds". Who wouldn't want to get their hands on the best ship in the game?
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  2. Redl3ull

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    Good thing you are not a developer, whew
    I rest my case
  3. Sadly I am not a developer for this game but on the bright side I am one of many who are consider a "Costumer/Player" to this game. What better input then from those who play the game daily? and to top it all off...the ideas are free. :D
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  4. phil1985

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    they should make it that if the player who wins it has won the DOW before then it should go to the next player and so on
  5. Art_Of_War

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    I know a kid that made 2k USD selling DOWs in the US1 server. Sadly the kid used the 2k USD to buy diamonds in the game lol; talk about being dumb.

    Arena has been an issue for a few years now. I really don't see the development team doing anything about it. You guys are better off finding a new game or teaming against the kid that sells the DOWs in 3 vs 3.


    Art Of War
  6. I totally agree with Art nothing will get done with the arena it has been going on since season 1 and it has been this guys guild doing it and that why he doesn't want anything done so they can keep selling the Dow accounts and thats why i'm not playing anymore so even trying to explain yourself means nothing to him he just wants to keep the arena the same and big ups to you Chaos and good luck but I have been trying to say this forever
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  7. I totally agree on this solution to the Dow monopoly issue. And the DoW is an arena reward. It should be a reward won on fair terms. Meaning if you already have the reward you cannot compete for it since you hold an unfair advantage, i.e. the reward itself, the DoW! Great idea and totally support it!

    Seems to me that the only reasons for not liking or supporting this idea are One, selling DoWs or Two, fearing greater competition from other players getting DoWs. No good reason for not supporting this has been given here.
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  8. ROARY

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    The simple solution would be to change the season win prize to once in 6 months, to a moon deck and make it so you can win the dow for arena point i.e. 10,000 points. the moon deck is then brought after winning for 300,000 Diamonds. job solved. and the dow would also cost maybe 150,000 to 300,000 diamonds after unlocking
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  9. This is a great idea!!!!
  10. (edit) only disagree cause he is part of the prob with this

    so i say u need to fix this prob (edit) is the main prob with this and thay know it that is y (edit) is disagrening with everyone
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  11. Greatbeard

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    I have only been with this game for six months, but I am going to share my opinion.

    "If it weren't hard to do it wouldn't mean much to say you'd done it"