Re-working arenas to destroy the DOW’s Monopoly.

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  1. They say an Idea can spread like poison, well I hope today I can infect and destroy the old ways some wise 3rd parties have been making a profit at the expense of others as BP watched with their hands tied. I know you all have heard of rumors regarding “DOW slot selling”, many whispers go around and many fingers get point left and right. Yet what most people don’t realize is that while fingers are being pointed and dilemmas are being created a working solution has not yet been offered to satisfy the whole community.

    Hopefully today you can sit down with me and think as a community. The root of the problem is arenas, “We need to change the arena system and how it works” we all say, but to what system you may say? I have thought of a simple idea that allows every player to be able to participate in arenas to unlock their points towards items in each category (1v1, 2v2, 3v3) but the change would be to deny any type of participation of the accounts that already hold a “Destroyer of Worlds” in the following way.

    Any account that has been accredited a “Destroyer of Worlds” for winning a previews season and are taking part of a team will not receive any ranking points for any matches.

    1v1 example: If the DOW account owner team wins a match against a player that has no DOW on their account, the DOW owner gains only the points towards unlocking items and the opposing player does not lose any points for his team ranking. If a player with no DOW beats a DOW account owner team, they also will not earn any points towards ranking but will get points towards unlocking their items.

    The ranking team points are earned by teams created by players that don’t have DOW”s facing each other which allows fair competition towards a reward only they can get.

    2v2’s & 3v3’s example : All players are allowed to participate but you will only earn or lose ranking points for the teams if all 2 or 3 participants in both teams are non-Dow account owners. You will earn points towards items for winning any match no matter if the opposing team or your team has DOW owner participants.

    Hopefully this idea will help many others to come up, let me know what you think should be taken out or put in to make things fair. “DOW should go to the strongest player that can actually collect the reward and those participants should be the only ones competing for it so that it is fair for them”.

    -Regarding the achievements for winning the seasons in each category. They should be change so that they become hidden achievements that are unlocked once you reach a certain amount of arena points (towards items). Bet this will make arenas more active for all to enjoy.
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  2. i agree with this but then u have to find a way to stop the pushing that goes on in the arena 100 matches in 3v3 in one day is crazy then u check other teams and they only have 10-5 matches played
  3. brutality

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    absolutley, this is exactl what i was tryign to get acrsss with my previous post and poll, every tell ur mates and lets see if we can get this major problem fixed!!!
  4. Redl3ull

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    Negative !! Bad idea !!
  5. You say it's a bad idea, yet you reframe from sharing your opinion on why you think it is a bad idea? Please elaborate your reasoning as understanding different points of views will help us reach a solution to this issue that many of us are trying to solve.
  6. Solomome

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    This sounds like a nice solution that allows for participation by all while leveling the playing field for the DOW component of the arenas. This along with some change to the "forfeit" problem would make the arenas playable.
  7. I agree..How are we supposed to get points from DOWs that are maxed and hitting 6ks 7ks in 2v2??? It's insane. And the flash problem is really annoying..1 flash is okay..but three or four in a single match...Ridiculous.:mad:
  8. flash problem will always be there starscream...BP released "arena flashes" so I doubt that will ever go away. As far as the idea at hand I like it. Just like on all the other arena idea threads I have to question as to how we will all be able to complete our arena achievements which require you to win each individual season.
  9. Hello, in Spanish Bible, I can´t read how the game give points in arenas, and I think in Inglish is impossible too look it, ( to find out ) sorry, but is very important, in Spain FORUM MODERATORS say me : can´t give this information.
    ¿ Why can´t they say ( tell ) us this information ?.
    Thanks for your time.
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  10. ~Annie~

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    Excellent suggestion. It doesn't make a lot of sense to fight for a boat against people who already have the best boat in the game maxed out.... kind of an oxymoron, especially since they only can only have 1 boat on their account. If they have theirs let them move on & make room for others to achieve the same thing.
  11. Aries

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    I completely agree with Chaos, something is seriously needing to be done!!
  12. I agree as well. Something has to be done.
  13. This issue do need to be fix, and is no other than we the players who can ask for it, so as chaos mentioned lets work together and find the best solution to it...
  14. Sorry, is important, if in your Bible put or can read how the game give arenas points, write here, pleased, in spain don´t now how the game give points in arenas ( world destroyer clasification ).
  15. I completely agree with this idea. As to the question of how would we be able to complete the remaining achievements for winning seasons, it's simple. Only have a quest to be an arena winner. Why waste more items than you would get when you completed the chest anyways?
  16. Redl3ull

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    You are talking about an issue that needs a solution. Seeing the 'Destroyer of Worlds' playing arena matches to be the issue, is very narrow minded. The DOW has been specifically developed to be a Arena/PvP boat. Taking it out of Arena is the same as not allowing a Formula1 race car in a Formula1 race.
    If there was an issue, then you may wanna look at other things such as the arena flashes (3hr matches because you can't find your opponent and visa versa), point system (who wants to lose a match and 90 points and has to win 20 matches to regain lost points), 48hr cooldown (worst development ever, it forced people to push if they want to unlock arena items, which you get banned for if you do, especially in 2v2 and 3v3. 1st you have to be lucky that your partner is online, 2nd you have to get lucky to get a match) etc. etc. etc.
    I think the main issue on hand are the players itself, they just want to get a DOW served on a silver platter. w/o having to put the time, effort and/or money, that it takes to win a arena season, into the game.
  17. I wish to clarify as you must have miss read my idea Redbull as it never states that DOW's aren't allowed to play arenas. My idea suggest that those accounts with "Destroyer of Worlds" which is a reward for winning a season shouldn't be taken into count towards the ranking system which is completely separate from the item point system. I agree with you when you say the server is small but this would allow the competition of a bigger variety of new players and old veteran players to compete as only they could receive this reward. In fact not only would this create more interest in arenas as the ones in gladiators and below now have a fighting chance but this would in a way also benefit Bigpoint as each of those accounts would have to build themselves up to compete.

    - This would be false as you would still need to compete against others building up to achieve the reward for winning the season. Look at season 1 and 2 as an example as everyone was still building and yet they competed fearfully to get a DOW.
  18. Seems to me currently having DOWs block for players to win a DOW would technically be serving it to them on a silver platter. Why not let the players without a DOW to compete amongst others without DOWs and earn it themselves?


    lmao, you guys win DOWS for people who lose interest in the game and block people from getting the DOW who would never try again or quit.
  20. Redl3ull

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    If I can't compete on equal terms in arena with my DOW account, what's the point of wanting one?
    And I would have absolutely no reason to build it up, I would simply delete it and compete for it again, and again...
    Also, players would win one and quit playing arena, or quit the game period. Now over time this idea would kill arena and eventually the game.
    Now you are facing one of two scenarios: Either you have the top players competing for a DOW every single season or the game just simply dies.
    Your idea would only work if you give players a serious reason to wanting a DOW and wanting to build it up.