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  1. Bigpoint,

    when you will repair rank and go back to the old ranks?
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  2. never - lol
  3. I miss being a Sea Lion rank.....when I logged back in my seal lion was gone and a "panda" was sitting over my avatar. Yeah I know its not a panda but it sure looks like one.

    Dumbest idea ever to change a person's rank after they had been earning it for years.
  4. You will just have to learn to play with the game changes - the rest of us have!!
  5. If they were good game changes that made sense and progressed the game, then everyone would be all for them. however, most of the changes were motivated a tad more by greed by the company who had just bought the game and thought the changes would improve the game's popularity and bring in more players and money. They were clueless.