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Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by TinPlate, Jan 3, 2020.

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  1. TinPlate

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    Good time of day.
    1. I'm back and I've been playing for a year. I would like to know from the administration - do you plan some game's development? Most battlefields are not played, because there are not enough players and there is a "binding to the Guild" because of which you can not get on the same field against each other while in the same Guild.
    2. Pro arena 2 on 2 and 3 on 3 already mentioned repeatedly, can, too, is worth something change?
    3. Can I return the previous version of the PvP ranks?
    4. As far as I understand now only 1 Europe is more or less active. Why not combine the servers and make 1-2 servers, so that there was at least some interest?
    5. Can I enable the display of the number of skulls, and the ability to control their number to buy items for skulls?
    I welcome criticism and discussion.
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    Like BigPoints doesn't matter of her player, i will answer for them.
    1) The game is exactly the same than 5 years ago. No joke. They will not change it because they have abandonned the PS's development. They are actually on SeaFight or other Bigpoints game. I'm waiting an answer from the development team since september because I have a bug ...
    2) They don't care about that, while you can play ...
    3) Some years that people ask it, no change. So i think that it will be the same.
    4) There is 2 Europe active: EU1 & EU3. Maybe we can combine EU1 & EU 2 and EU3 & EU4. But, for people which have account on both, how can you do something ?
    5) Like we cannot use Skulls, we cannot see it. It exist only when you make a kill/be killed. It's like friend system. 5% of the system is already display, to remind that this feature exist a day, but like it's removed, they try to stay the minimum as possible.

    Sorry for my bad english, i'm French.

  3. 00_I_01

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    Hello. Sorry about the quality of the text, using a translator. Haven't played pirates in a long time, but I decided to come back. Didn't see any changes except for turning off PvP. For me, it's not so terrible, frigate piranhu I had time to take a long time ago, but I see that the others are worried and the old players leave. But the problem with the game is not so much that old players who are not satisfied with the new rules leave. The problem is that no new players who didn't even know about the old rules come. They have nothing to compare it with. But they do not come, the game is not promoted or promoted. And now I don't even know what to do. I'm not saying my account is super, but it took a lot of work to get it up and running in my day. And does it make sense to develop further in the current environment? Closing at any moment. It's amazing that the game is still alive. EU2 is dead, EU1 is barely alive. Previously the players crowded and the chat didn't stop, now you can count the players on the fingers of one hand. That's very, very offensive.
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    Only EU1 & EU3 are always alive, other are dead. And they don't just make the game not change, they remove some features like friends0
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  5. chav

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    guy's find anothers game to play,pirate storm is dead,bigpoint donth carre anymore,preferable find another game's paltform like steam,etc,bigpoint now want only take money from noobs like players from seafight
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    The platform you gave to install the game is too slow. I would like to know if we
    will soon be able to play as before from a web page like google Chrome. Also, when
    will you solve the option to buy Warmaster ships like the "Piranha"
    Battle Frigate, "Barracuda" Battle Frigate, etc?
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  7. Why Bigpoint team dont put on development an other application, and why don't export this application on steam or others gaming platforms ?
  8. I cant understand why they just ignore this game, just merge the servers and bring some small updates. and i think alot of people will come back.
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