Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by perez_099, Oct 13, 2020.

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  1. perez_099

    perez_099 User

    Well, I wanted to try to give an idea to change from the current pvp to the previous one, which was the one that all the players wanted. The idea is simple, if the previous pvp was removed mainly by the exchange of coves, I propose to go back to the previous pvp but without the duels between players giving coves, what do you think?

    I hope that the developers will read some of the messages to return to the previous pvp, that would make many of the old players return, and new players would have more ways to enjoy the game.
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  2. Maybe after flash player wont be supported annymore , the game will change (hope the old pvp system will return ) and it will satisfing to play again ...
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  3. criando.

    criando. User

    The pirate storm calls for help players want a good game again so that the PVP system works again and that they pay more attention to the game
  4. Hello i turn to u or ask for pvp season if u can push or start this season because
    some player want pvp season is comming or never turn on pvp system season 3
    because doesnt working can u tell me information about pvp season ?

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