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    New PvP System with New Ranking

    What exactly is the new PvP ranking system?

    The new PvP ranking system consists of a few fundamental changes to the existing overall ranking as well as the addition of a new PvP Season ranking. The new PvP ranking system now contains a separate ranking in addition to the existing overall ranking. We're also introducing a new PvP season that will last over the next few months. You can collect PvP points throughout the current season and then climb the PvP ranking. If you make it onto the PvP ranking, you can potentially rack up new rewards, such as the 'Baphomet' Battle Frigate with a range of 235. A new Warblood with 3,000 additional HP for 24 hour(s) (real time) also awaits you.

    This means that the overall ranking is no longer the only way for you to get your hands on Warmaster items, as you shall also be able to unlock these in the future using Season PvP points.

    How can I score points for the new PvP ranking system?

    If you sink an opponent, you'll be given PvP points for the overall ranking, PvP points for the PvP season as well as skulls. Please note: If your ship is sunk, you can also lose some of the PvP points, PvP points and skulls you've collected! The number of skulls/points lost is a percentage of the skulls/points which your opponent receives from you.

    What exactly are skulls?

    You can use skulls to get items during the current season – if there is no season currently in effect, the skulls will be saved in your account for you to use during the next season. They are the "currency" with which you can outfit your ships in the current season.

    How can I see where I am ranked?

    For one, you can take a look at the rankings in the game! "Overall PvP" shows the overall ranking, with your position marked in yellow. If you switch to the trophy icon, the "ranking" will be shown to you. Your position is also highlighted in yellow here. There are also new rank insignias as well as new rank categories. Both are defined by your position in both PvP rankings. The rank insignias consist of the following:

     A middle piece that defines your position in the overall ranking

     Wings that define your position in the PvP Season ranking

    More rank categories now also exist as than in the previous system.

    How do I lose points? And how can I protect myself from losing points and skulls?

    You'll lose points and skulls when another player sinks your ship. You'll also lose PvP and PvP Season points for being inactive over a longer period of time. The longer you are inactive, the higher the loss shall be. Important: You won't lose any skulls for inactivity!

    There's a solution however: If you take a vacation, fall sick or can't play for any other reason, you can visit the merchant and buy PvP protection which is valid for 7 or 14 days. Once this protection is activated, you won't lose any PvP points due to inactivity. But remember, protection shall be lifted the moment you partake in any type of PvP activity. This includes shooting at a PvP opponent or being shot at yourself! We recommend activating the item in the port in order to ensure that you won't be attacked after activating it!

    When exactly do the new PvP seasons take place and how can I participate?

    We're introducng new PvP seasons to PirateStorm that will take place on an irregular basis. A PvP season generally lasts three months. The next season begins on 13 December 2016 and goes until 20 March 2017. Every player automatically participates in the PvP season. The PvP season is held in parallel to the normal PvP system and you don't have to meet any additional requirements to participate. Every player begins the season with 0 points and can work his/her way up throughout the season.
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