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Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by skat1k, Jan 29, 2023.

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  1. What is your definitive plans then ? And your Announcement on the forum ?
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    Have the forum mods received any further information about PVP changes? If not so, is it possible to pass this discussion to the devs once again? Whole community is waiting for AT LEAST information about it, if not actions. Another thing, if there is a sign of danger of the game being broken after the pvp changes, why don't the devs run a test server like they did years ago and see how it goes? Thank you @WaterWillow
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    Ahoy sjnva,

    The Forum Team is unsure if the Test Server is even operational at this time. The last test of a fix was made on the EU2 Server, and not the Test Server, so it is doubtful it is up.

    I have inquired about any updates on the PVP System. Again, our last response was, "We make no promises, but it is being looked into".

    Happy Sailing!
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    Ahoy sjnva,

    You are welcome. Our response received was, "It is doubtful it will be fixed".

    Best Regards!
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    Something new?
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    it's been 6 months since that message hoping to get back on the system. Have there been any conversations or are you still "discussing" the matter?

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