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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by pirateboy, Apr 29, 2017.

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  1. pirateboy

    pirateboy User

    in game i bought a pvp protection for 7days
    after 4 hours playing and farming golds in upper zones like 23 25
    someone attacked me!!!! and he was in my guild memmber
    how it be , i want my protection back please its not fair i didn't start a pvp match or something else i know how it works i used it alot but this time i really wondering
    please i need my 7 days or my diamonds back 5k dias is alot for me :) thanks
  2. *TavernMinx*

    *TavernMinx* Board Administrator Team Pirate Storm

    Hello pirateboy,

    The "PVP protection - 7 Days" clearly states in it's description:

    "PvP Protection preserves your PvP points for up to 7 days due to inactivity. Be warned though -- if you take part in PvP before the 7 day period is up, the protection will immediately end. We recommend you don't activate this until you are in the harbor"

    The consumable is used for inactivity, and unfortunately you were shot resulting in its end.

    Is there anything else I can help you with?
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  3. pirateboy

    pirateboy User

    i didn't take part in PvP , also inactivity!!! my protection gone when my healt was full,not even drowned it was just one shoot from guild memmber :) and gone that why i asking this
    so pvp protection dosen't work for guild memmbers ? it is you are saying?
    my protection gone when he shooted me once i didn't attack players i know and i read it before used
    mod please i need help, i use protection for many times i know how it works but something is worng i was playing for killing monsters not players:( if it is like this i don't waste my diamonds for pvp protection how it ends with one shoot guild memmber when i didn't attack
    and another question
    it is pvp protection so how a guild memmber can attack me ? and my protection be ends? in description says when i attack someone not others !!!! please i don't understand this i used many times, my diamonds? gone? :) just wow middle of farming without any inactivity or pvp attacks my protection just poofed
  4. *TavernMinx*

    *TavernMinx* Board Administrator Team Pirate Storm

    Taking part in PvP (Player versus Player) of any kind, one shot is all it takes, that is why it says on there you should be in harbor before activating. It does not say if you attack someone or if someone attacks you, only "if you take part in PvP before the 7 day period is up, the protection will immediately end. We recommend you don't activate this until you are in the harbor" So yes, unfortunately it is gone because someone shot you.
  5. pirateboy

    pirateboy User

    modrator please read all of it, how it possible someone shoot me when i using pvp protection,the
    Modrator i used that in harbor and 3 hours later in the map a guild memmber attacked me by one shoot its not possbile because it says pvp protection normaly when a guild memmber shoot me it isn't pvp?
    please listen what i mean: i used it 3 hours before in harbor at map level 1 ok? there is a peace map even monsters can't hurt me
    then i going with teleport to the map 23 , after 3 hours playing in the map and farming gold from monsters a guild memmber showed up in invisiblty by one shooting on me how its possible ?(before he attacked me the pvp protection was active) i had my protection after he attack me trust me modrator i didn't lie to you you can check i didn't even sunked,even pvp, or something else for ending my protection
    its 5k diamonds i dont cry just for 5k diamonds, i telling you becasue its not fair when i didn't anything for ending my protection
  6. pirateboy

    pirateboy User

    Modrator i give up
    this is not going to be end thanks for support.but from now i never use again the pvp protection it ends just after 3 hours by activeted

    end topic
  7. Wedgewood

    Wedgewood bp_phrase_Forum_Demigod


    I'm afraid you are misunderstanding the purpose of pvp protection. It does not protect you from pvp opr being attacked. It protects you from loosing pvp points over time due to inactivity. If you are shot at or shoot anyone then the protection ends.



    Hope this helps.

    Be sure to post any questions you have in the correct section in future, ie, general questions or technical help.
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