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Dear forum reader,

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    Ahoy, Pirates!

    Pirates do enjoy a mostly autonomous existence, but that doesn’t change the fact that they can’t control everything. No, the only thing to do is learn to accept life as it comes. Mother Nature, for instance, is a force to be reckoned with – she makes the life of a pirate hard to cope with, as she is unpredictable and can’t be kept at bay. There isn’t a pirate on the ocean who hasn’t cursed her name because of violent storms on the horizon.

    From February 23rd 2015 at noon, until February 27th 2015 at noon, you can make your life sailing the Pirate Storm seas a bit easier by determining the prices of the items yourself. It’s really quite simple – the more pirates purchase one particular item, the more the cost of that item will drop. The cost of items will drop by the hour, so we encourage you to bargain and strike deals with your fellow players.

    This deal is not limited to one particular item – cannons, harpoon launchers, ammo, anchors, decks, ships, sails and countless other items are on the table. With an offer like this, no one should sail away from this offer unhappy!

    Log in to Pirate Storm and make our prices walk the plank! This deal is hard to beat.
    Knock yourselves out, Pirates!
    Your Pirate Storm Team
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