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  1. For which platforms is the Pirate Storm Companion available?

    • The app runs on iOS devices as well as Android smartphones and tablets.

    How much does the Pirate Storm Companion cost?
    • The app is available for free in the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

    How do I link my account with the app?
    • When logging into a Pirate Storm account, you can generate a code by pressing the "Companion App" button. This code must be inputted in the app under the menu point Options/Connections.

    How long is the generated code valid?
    • The code is valid for 30 minutes. During that time it can be used to link to an existing Pirate Storm account. If the code is not used during that time to link the app to an account, then a new code must be generated. The code is only valid for the account for which it was generated. The code may only be entered one time. Once linked, the app is not subject to further time restrictions.

    Can I link my account to multiple devices?
    • Yes.

    Can multiple accounts be linked to one device?
    • Yes. Only one account can be active at any given time, though.

    Who can I contact if I have problems with the Companion app or with the link to my account?
    • In the event of this kind of problem please contact the Pirate Storm support team.

    What can you do with the app?
    • The app contains a message center with announcements of general news and events.
    • The app also offers scratch tickets with cool prizes for the Pirate Storm account linked to the app.
    • The chat function also allows for you to enter the guild chatroom even when on the go.

    How do you receive the scratch tickets?
    • One new ticket will be issued each hour for each account linked to the app, although there can only be six unplayed tickets on each device at any time.

    Can I also buy these tickets?
    • No. Tickets are received exclusively as described above.

    Can I also play Pirate Storm with the app?
    • No, the app isn't intended to play the Pirate Storm game itself.

    What happens to prizes that I win?
    • If the account is linked to the app, then the prizes are credited to it directly. Otherwise the prizes are stored in the app and can be retrieved once the app is linked to an account.

    In which languages is the app available?
    • The app is available in German, English, French, Italian and Spanish.

    What happens if the app is linked to a Pirate Storm account that has already been linked to a copy of the app?
    • The app is linked to the Pirate Storm account, even if the account already has a link, and the existing prizes and scratch tickets belonging to that account are shown.
    • The prizes and scratch tickets from an app that hasn't yet been linked can only be transferred to a Pirate Storm account that has never been linked before.
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