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    FAQ – Pirate Storm Anniversary 2016

    What is the Celebration of Heroes?

    We're celebrating the fifth anniversary of Pirate Storm, which went live on August 1, 2011.

    What exactly is involved?

    The Celebration of Heroes is a mini-event that will include the release of two new bonus maps and four new quests.

    Will there be any special items?

    Yes. During the event you can visit the Shop to buy unique Bonebreaker cannonballs, Death Blade harpoons and the Tempest Bulkhead. The bulkhead can also be used as a supplement to other bulkheads.

    When is the Celebration of Heroes taking place?

    The Celebration of Heroes begins at noon on July 31, 2016 and ends at noon on August 2, 2016 (server time).

    How do the bonus maps work?

    There are two bonus maps, both of which can be played as often as you like. The first bonus map ("In Terror's Eye") can be completed using standard ammunition. The second bonus map ("Time of the Storm") requires the Death Blade to defeat the monsters there.

    How do the quests work?

    There will be four quests available during the event. The first two quests can be played once each day (they will be restarted during the daily server restart at 5 a.m.). The third quest can only be completed once. Successful completion of the third quest brings with it a prize of 1,000 Bonebreaker cannonballs. The fourth quest involves a tour of the Pirate Storm world. Complete it to enjoy a small fireworks show with us.
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