Pirate olympics

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  1. An event where you participate in different events for prizes.

    Example 1: Wall crusher - consists of shooting canonballs at a series of walls increasingly ranging in hp from 25k-2.5mil and you have a set amount of time to get through them all. Depending on how far you get and the time it takes to achieve it depends on the what place you finish.

    Example 2: Merhcant escort - consists of esorting a merchant ship to and from a series of ports. The merchant ship will be attacked by monsters and npc ships. Making sure the merchant ship completes its route is the main objective but also trying to make sure it takes the least amount of damage along the way too.

    Example 3: Pirate time trails - consists of sailing to 5 different points on a map as fast as possible. At each point you will face either a boss monster or boss npc ship that will range in increasing hp from 15k-250k. Finish the time trail as fast as you can to place as high as possible.

    These are just a few ideas. I think this could be a nice event to introduce the game.
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    Good idea.I like :)
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  3. too late for game at this stage