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Discussion in 'Players' Corner' started by TheWhiteKnight, Jan 13, 2014.

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  1. Hello all, just wanted to start a trend asking everyone's opinions. What is your favorite ship? What is the best ship in your opinion?
  2. Nisse

    Nisse User

    for Fighting DOW and gladiator
    for gold shooting ahab, Dragon scorn, eagle 1+2 and frost brand
    for only ship Dragon Scorn or frostbrand

    but i like most frost brand
  3. There is lots of good ships:)Definietelly for most players piranha is good..you get loads of pvp points and also its very good for farming.For arenas there is 3 best ships:gladiator,DOW,AND Ahab.Also DOW and gladiator are very good ships for battlefields if you want to earn medals for special items.For guild attacks ahab is very important ships because it got loads of harpoons and its easier to kill all the monsters.And for towers obvs gladiator and DOW,also ice palladin its very good because of its bonus.
  4. Well, I agree with the others that DOW and Gladiator is the killers and Piranha the skull hunter! But I like the ship furious jealousy (The valentine event ship). Because it was my first ''good'' ship and I paid almost nothing for it (because of bonus) and the red color on the sails is just awesome. I have played with it ever since, and almost maxed it out, so for me, furious jealousy is my favorite ship.
  5. Churning Envy*
  6. DOW is the best but hard to get same as orca also gladiator including its own deck, so i choose maybe easy to get ship like piranha,frostbrand..;);)
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  7. Yes, I agree that it all depends on situations. As solely for favorite i choose the Frostbrand, it looks cool and has good fire power.
  8. Well if u have a Frostband it is good for both harpooning the monsters and shooting fotress(u got 10%+ dmg in guild island with it) ;);)
  9. From my opinions-
    attacking ships(battlegrounds,arenas)-

    Farming ships-
    04.iron eagle 1 or 2

    Guild island attacking ships-
    for monsters-01.Frostband
    For fotress,towers,ships-01.DOW
    Skull hunting-01.Pirana
  10. I think its not about the class of ships its about how you handle it because I have frostbrand and paladin but always being sunk by an upgraded brigante that's why I hate that player all his ship are very strong..
  11. ye,thats what i meant by bonus:p but this ice palladin also got two bonuses ,range is bit bigger than normal ships and its slower(Thats not really good bonus):p
  12. Well i think for island attacking Frostbrand is best if not second best atleast, for both monsters and structures. It has 90 cannons with its decks and has guild island attack bonus of 10%.
  13. Then mate you should get help with your guild members to sunk that brigantine and ask for their help with the ships and improvements
  14. ahab is still the best for monster,but dow got 14 more cannons than frostbrand,so i will say dow is better
  15. xxmipxx

    xxmipxx User

    the best ship you can have now is
    gladiator, if you dont have sesonskib

    i my mind you need have all does 3 ships.
  16. Does anyone consider Total Eclipse a top ship?
  17. nope.... it's not :cool::cool:
    145 cannons and 100 harpoons is a not big deal....maby it's prize is went upto 300K+ dimonds Well that ship is just for the SHOW....
    It's one of the weakest
  18. You guys forgot the Barracuda:(:(...That ship maxed out is a pretty beast ship:D:D
  19. J3$V!N

    J3$V!N User

    I dont like the Barracuda.:p
  20. well DOw is the best ship in the game now question about that :p
    But also Frostband is good with monsters i have it and im very pleased with that ship A VERY;);)

    Lol XD
    131 cannons and 102 harpoons it's not good :cool::cool::cool:
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