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  1. As a new player I think I have a bit of perspective on this , I have played for 3 days and I think I've done okay got a dhuka. level 21 , But finding information is difficult I'm actively searching the web trying to find information to learn the game that seemingly isn't there.

    But the more off putting aspect of the game is the open zone pvp I want to do quests in peace not get ganked repeatedly when i'm trying to do something, Now a few zones here and there with pvp would be fine but every zone after the beginner zones is to much.

    I actively log on avoiding peak times now to avoid other players, The game seems to encourage this as trying to improve and learn the game on primetime is just feeding the farmers and you end up spending money repairing your ship rather then upgrading and learning the game.

    The lack of information is frustrating .

    Every zone having pvp after the first few will stop me spending money.

    My opinion only.
  2. Amnesia

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    Finding information is best done by joining a guild so you have people to answer your questions.
  3. The lack of information I suspect most people can get past.

    The main issue is the games pvp system after a few days playing I know this games pvp system is fundamentally flawed and would not be surprised to learn 95% of new players leave within a week.

    ANIKHTE User

    Told many times in the forum in the support. Give a space to the new people to grow up and level up. But that is not the case you go zone 5 and your luck ends. AT byrades is the zone you will give up the game. zone is pvp limited but checks the pve ranking lol.
    So we have artificial players level 25 or lower with a super awesome piranha full bombasic full powers that sinks new players for the fun. Make more pvp rankings and limit the pvp zones to that.
    zones 5-6 pvp only for level 5 or less
    zones 7-8 pvp only for level 6 or less
    zone 8-9 pvp only for level 7 or less

    you get the idea
    if you want to limit pvp you need to check the pvp not the pve

    well even the forum is dead
    form 4 pages every 2 hours
    to 1 mesag per month

    you killed the game
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  5. Hi bro! Long time no see.
    As my friend ^ᴥ^ said, 1-2 players still play regulary each day but thats about it :p
    Btw how are you doing?
  6. :( oh..i ask it because,i'm planning to go in jbf to see tazzz but he is inactive and jbf too but i still play even if the game is became worst and worst..:D
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    I agree something needs to be done asap

    ANIKHTE User

    are you playing or stopped??
    come play again for the fun
    lol kidding what fun???
    i am okey by the way
  9. :D
    Currently not playing because
    & no time :cool:
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  11. Well, well well, it looks as if some of the original post suggestions were actually done. At least a year ago, someone was listening.
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