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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ]Prometeus[, Jun 25, 2015.

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  1. Hey,

    In my opinion Pirate Storm is dying, many older players are about to leave (if not already), new players are way behind and aren't attracted.

    (Alert wall of text coming)

    Imo there are 3 things to do:

    • Keep newer players attracted
    • Update the tutorial so new players don't start in a complete unknown world without knowing what to do, keep the skip button for if they like that ^^.
    • Create more "starter or middle zones" (zones before open pvp) so they won't get owned too much by 3x stronger & older players.
    • Make some more colored and cooler npc.
    • Starter achievements (beginner box) => see 2.5
    • In combination with 2.6, players should be encouraged to level up.
      • Zones available when reaching level x
      • Good level up bonuses (1 seal at lv1, 2 seals at lv2, ..., 50 seals at lv 50. (this can happen in combination with 2.6 ) => exponential bonuses)
      • Unlock more achievements by reaching a certain level
      • Scroll page 2 unlocked at lv20, page 3 at lv30, ... (see 2.6)

    • Keep older players attracted
    1. Currently there is only ~1 best possible set of items (eagle set + summer set), we need variation!
      • Introduce new sets (e.g. haloween set, falcon set(during summer), dragon set, storm set, daybreak set, might of the night, ...)
      • New ships (slower + big hp ships, ships with less reload time but less range, ships with improved captains orders but slower reload time (like double all damage + heal), ships with faster repair rate but they can't buy a keel on that ship, ...
        • In addition: remake the older ones
      • Introduce new Battlegrounds (e.g. Pentar with 4 teams and with chosing direction of the ball, Buthu with special effects (decreased sight, no items, warped over the map every minute, ...), Lodos with a monster instead of a tower, Lodos with 4 teams and 1 tower, ...

    2. Battleground Auctions: Too many players have reached 1000+ (useless) battleground coins, it would be nice if there was some sort of an auction to buy items from the battleground but also some totally exclusive items + exclusive ships (see 2.3)
    3. Battleground ships: (Ships with standard~60 cannons and 45 harpoons, base speed.) However every battleground has a special bonus added => 1 ship for every battleground. E.g. Buthu ship: when reaching endgame you will get + 20% hit on other players. Kirus ship: while carrying the flagg -10% damage and + 10k hp but your hit decreases with -10%, ...
    4. Remake the arena: the whole arena system in totality is bad, but imo these 2 things need to get fixed:
      • Dows who had/have at least 1 dow during a season are not ranked
      • There is a fixed amount of invisibility items
    5. Remake Achievements: What about making some challinging, interesting boxes? (killing x monsters in that zone is boring, again variation is the key.
      • Beginner box, Captain box, Stone box, Iron, Steel, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Elite, Worlclass, Champion, ...
      • E.g. Iron box:
        • Goals: Reach level 30 |Upgrade a peacemaker |Kill 7 eventships in a war brig |Hidden: Dive 10 jokers |Kill 10 people from your level |Score 33 battleground coins |Win 2 auctions |Kill Gorm (zone17) |Hidden: Buy 11 arena items (Arena flash = 10 items)
        • Reward: Some new zones / new quest(s) avaible + bonusmap / extended sight of view / +5% speed / ... no diamonds, gold or items(we receive them from quests) but really nice stuff, worth going for.
    6. Remake Scrolls/seals: change the order of the scrolls, mix the captains order in the normal scrolls. Scroll 1= 2* level, Scroll 2 = 4* level, ..., Scroll 6= 12 * level, it would be cool if there were made some new scrolls. (in order to reset those scrolls: announce it in time and give everyone all their spendend seals back + level seals (see 1.5))
    7. Introduce new zones: Split the world map (square or recangle) in 5 parts:
      • 1) Initial maps (~7) => upper left part
      • 2) Maps received by level up => upper right part
      • 3) Maps received by achievements/bonusmaps => lower left part
      • 4) Maps received by killing special npc's in maps 2 & 3 => lower right part
      • 5) Special maps ~ eventmaps, avaible at certain days => middle part
    • General:
      • Fix the lagg
      • Listen to the community (or act at least like you do)
        • Forum: option => read by a moderator & send to bp management
        • ...
    Sorry for my bad English, not a native speaker ;):)
    Also thx for reading this :D:p
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  2. Maybe split the battlegrounds, make one button for coins BG, one for the medal. It's too hard to get 300 BG coins when ppl who have over 1k coins keep lining up for the medal
  3. The idea's sounds good, I like to hear your suggestions to make the game more fun while leveling up - because around lvl. 20 you meet a wall and it takes tons and tons of exp to gain 1 after level 20. Its fair, but its a pain to sail around killing the same colorless NPC's over and over again. My idea's include 5 player dungeons (like 5 player bonus map), more special NPC's (healer npc's, fast npc's, making other npc's stronger npc's, bosses, more abilities and effects overall), more mini events and graphic updates to name some.
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  4. If there is something worth going for people will keep playing. Various new ships, events, npc's, ... will help. Also the option to unlock zones at certain levels & when you killed some special npc's (see 2,7), this will push players to level up. However, if people don't like to farm there is nothing that can help them, pirate storm is and will remain a farm game.

    Also in addition those bm's/dungeons, are possible to obtain as a reward from some boxes/achievement (see 2.5), mini- events ~ introduce new sets, falcon mini event, daybreak event, night- event, ... (see 2.1) and ofcourse graphic + lagg updates are very important :)
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  5. That's part of the game, as little player you are only able to get a medal in buthu. However now there are lots avaible (bonusmap) and it's only correct that strong players earn a medal. There is no problem with sitting in a bg with both big and small players, you just have to be lucky that your big players are better ;).
    Also imagine lodos with only small players => tower never dies
    Now imagine lodos with only big players => tower dies very(/too) quickly
  6. Bump with updated post :)

  7. =^ᴥ^=

    =^ᴥ^= User

    i am impressed by your ideas to change the game prometeus, i totally agree with your ideas, i really hope there will be a change. I have almost 1 year playing this game and to be honest i got bored killing same npc over and over again like frank said. I really hope there will be more new events that will keep the game alive.
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  8. Bump, more people seeing this = more chance to get something changed
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  9. Ragnar

    Ragnar User

    excellent ideas
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  11. Let's hope some new stuff will come soon :)
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  12. "Ships have “loadouts” now. You can buy loadouts for your ships. You can equip the new loadouts with decks and improvements. So you can have different “deck/ improvements inventory for one ship and can change it.
    And there are 2 new sets (we changed some old items into set items and add 8 new items)."​

    +1 devs
  13. Seas ruled by Pirhana's, it's very funny seeiing the same ship all over the map.
    I'd like to see some variation in ship.

    Together with a friend we thought of a solution: big ships get more skulz, while average ships(pirhana, devastator, .. etc) give less skulz. Smaller ships get a lot of skulls too, because they need to grow and are easily sunk. To make things interesting: Pirhana and other pvp ships get a bonus of +lv % pvp points.

    Im to lazy to make a table atm, maybe soon ;)
  14. Syrkres

    Syrkres User

    From a newb who's been playing less than a week.
    1. Tutorial/Guide - Greatly need something here.
      1. How to upgrade and how they work (i.e. you can't move them etc).
      2. Advise on what to upgrade (ship, guns, harpoons, skills)
      3. Battlegrounds - how do they work, do they scale, can low levels get in and will it scale me or match me against others of similar skill/ships (or will I be useless).
      4. Areans - same as BGs.
      5. More information on auction house.
        1. Do I get my old deposit back (No after trial and error),
        2. can I cancel a bid (oops - no).
      6. Great deal more info on Miscellaneous
        1. how to use them,
        2. how long they last
        3. upgrade?
      7. Bonus Maps?
      8. Grouping? Why do you get bonus? Benefits (besides killing quicker)? share/split gold
      9. Guild? Why? Bonus/benefits?
      10. PVP? don't even know what to ask here....
    All the above should really be in a common guide, if you are a master at Forum searching you can find some of this, but not really, most I have learned from trial error, which a newbie really doesn't like and most people likely leave.

    Yes - Lag evenings - nothing worse than dying when I can't even move or see things. This would be priority.
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  15. piratepeet

    piratepeet User

    one benefit to a good guild, is that they can help you with all those questions
  16. Agree with DocDre, they dont care anymore, the game is dead and more bugs are indeed in the game, than updates. I only read forum now and then. Its funny to read the new bugs in the game and people complaining about them, and complain myself. Like Doc Dre said, go play another game. I dont understand, its so easy to implant new ideas to this game, so extremely easy (like some of Prometeteus ideas) to implant and get them to function in the game. I have spoken to other programmes and they said the same. So this means that BP is either incompetent, greedy, lazy, dont care or is making something big for the game. I think indeed that BP is incompetent, greedy, lazy and dont care. They can tell me otherwise and I change my mind, but their communication ability is nonexistent, thats the worst. They would have my respect, if they said ''they got their focus elsewhere and thats why they dont update the game''. Now they have let the game slowly die in silence. Thats the biggest disrepect, to just hold this broken game open to pump it dry (and promise us something that dosent happen). No passion, no communication, nothing. I would never in my life recommend another BP game to someone else.
  17. MaxGrand

    MaxGrand User

    Frank and Dre are right I am yet another that feed this evil beast known as BP, but I have moved on to better games. I just come to read the comments and see how few people are on the server now. LOL priceless and I laugh knowing the people that payed $750 plus on moon decks!
  18. and merge all servers..::) (is jbf is still active?, im bara from dgo;))
  19. =^ᴥ^=

    =^ᴥ^= User

    not anymore active lol
  20. :(:(
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