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Discussion in 'Players' Corner' started by FrankThePro, Nov 29, 2014.

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  1. Hey Pirates

    I would like to hear when you started playing PS, because I think im one of the oldest active players on the forum, see if you can beat me ;) - Join date 21 nov. 2013 (Im 2 years old in PS).
  2. well i cant remember when i started but my oldest mail right now is 08/16/2012 so 16th august 2012

    HELLGUY User

    i started in may of 2013
  4. Hehe you can see your join date, if you click on your name on the forum ;)
  5. dang frank you got 2 days on me forum wise:p:p and i was talking about the game not the forum :D i started playing the game with a diff account in may didnt even know what the forum was for a long while lol
  6. WoW Frank I'm the same date as you :D
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  7. Hehe back in ancient times - how was the game back then? :p
  8. I'm April 25, 2013 and there are many players on now that had been playing for a long time before me. Also the forum date only relates to the forum and even that date may be suspect as they may have updated everyone when they switched systems (I'm also Nov. 21, 2013 and I do not remember when I first started in the forums).
  9. The first time I played ps was a couple of days before the winter event of two years ago:)(Nov. 2012). It took me half a year to find the way to the forum so when the new forum came, I took the chance to be a forummaster :D.
  10. October 2012
  11. 2011 November on Eu1 server 2013 November on USA 1
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  12. I started somewhere around June or July 2012. Looks like I'm the old foogey in the room. o_O The game has changed a lot since then.
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  13. May or June 2012.
  14. SeaWolf101

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    My first day playing Pirate Storm was May 13 2011. I joined the forum boards Nov 25, 2013.

    lol That's just the date you joined the forum listed in here. Not the actual date you joined Pirate Storm, the game itself! There was so much to learn about the game that I was late joining the forum board. Back then I was too busy trying to figure out all the ends and outs of the game.
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  15. Wow SeaWolf's right. I joined PS game in Apirl 2012 but says in the forum I joined Jan 25 2015. wonder why that is, lol o_O
  16. I think it was Summer 2012. When there was only 3 or 4 maps:cool:. Long time ago, hhehheheo_O

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