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  1. Hello !
    I want just ask about something ..
    The game on this moment dont have any sense , a lot of bugs a lot of cheats, i remember the old game like in 2012-2015 it was the best game , i just want ask to bigpoint if they can make this game one more time alive.. one of the best idea its to check everybady which push monney inside and the think which i want its to make a reset to the game and bllock for push new updates , the old skull pvp was the best this new season no one like it , i want ask if you can make this game alive one more time like before with full admins for control 24 hours, i will call everybady which loved this game and i will said that we have best game again and the best updates on the game, in the facebook i have maybe 300 friends and all the times many of them ask me how is going this game still have bugs and whats happened,.
    If you want this game to continue this is the best idea , remove all the servers make only one server for everybady and make everybady lvl 1 delete every guild and everythink .. i want only start everythink from 0 everybady , and about the players which have push monney you can see how many diamants and premium they have buy . you can give to them this diamants or skills from that , but please only make this game like was before ..
    I know that no one from Bigpoint care about my ticket , but i am really talkin very seriously because a lot of players love this game to be alive!
    If this can be possibile you can send my ticket to the Big boss, and maybe he can think for make this game again like before
  2. No the saying. Hear no evil.see no evil. they dont care sorry mate
  3. you are living in the past - come to the present - as is where is!!


    The fast shoot bug just killed the game and you were one of the first to use it. Now why are you crying?
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  5. always had bugs, but only a few had knowledge.
    The problem now is that Pirate Storm is without a support team, and with that number of online players it can barely stay online.
    The end is near ...
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  6. surely this more, because the improvement kills the game