Not receiving confirmation Email to change my password.

Discussion in 'Questions & Bug Reports' started by †₣ĚŇM†yhena, Dec 7, 2023.

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  1. Hello dear Users,
    since 3 weeks already i am trying to change my password and the game does not send me the confirmation link to approve the change, i contacted support and they told me to check up and add this email: which i already did, i checked all options in my Email adresse Junk Email, marked the Email which should contain the confirmation link as friend and safe, but still not working, i opened a ticket with support logged in, i answered them with my original email adresse which is more than 14 years old, it still having, so there is nothing i can do to change my password, i asked if my account was blacklisted and they said no, a friend of mine, who works with cyber security, saw me trying to change my password and checked up my Email account and he told me also the Email is not having any problem, the problem is that the link is not being sended and the support had to correct this problem, i also gave them a new solution to give me an external link to change the Email of the account and use a new one " that should actually work" but they didnt want to. As i am concerned, when i experience problems with some confirmations Emails on other games, support create an external link to repare or change the Email, same with the password, so i dont know, why is support not willing to help "Customers of bigpoing"!! when they are in the obligation, like a normal human being.
    would be the same if i loose the mail of my antivirus and have to call support of my antivirus provider to change the mail or pass.
    so please try to help me, cause i tried everything and i dont know what to do now, the password hasnt been changed since the creation of the account and the mail is also the same since i created the account.
    thanks a lot!
  2. WaterWillow

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    Ahoy †₣ĚŇM†yhena,

    The Forum Team cannot assist you with an email issue. The Forum Team does not have access to player accounts.

    I would suggest doing a google search on how to fix your email issue of not receiving emails. There should be some troubleshooting steps that you can try. You state that this issue happens with other games with Confirmation Emails. Based on that statement, it appears that your settings may be preventing you from receiving particular types of emails.

    Happy Sailing!