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  1. Hello

    The last quests about monkey finish in map 27 or 28 ;) later this quest ask u finish map bonus in this orders :
    U have quests in map 1 to map 4 whenu start (u win easy 30-40k diamands).
    U have all days this quests if u want daily training u need go in all map for have this quests when u farm :)
    later u have quests for battles (wins and participations) + arena (wins and particaptions) + quests for doubloons and the last is pirate glory (shoot xx players/day)
    When u are in port u have 4 quests for workshop :) exemple : and u wins items in workshop for up u canons harpons.
    If u want all accept, u need be in guild lvl 50 (capacity for activ quest 10/10) without guild u have just 6/6
    On europe1 u have différents big guild who can help : BOS, GOC, VUK, MHO etc

    For achievement :


    For exmeple :

    U need just 1 guild with active players (big players) and u need just shoot monsters, towers, and ships in island invasions (map 7,15,22)
    Un eed finish maps bonus events too (just 3/4)

    SECOND1 : COLOSSE MAP 8B 9B / 29A 30A

    For exemple :

    All days there are 1 colosse in this 4 maps at 5.05am/11.05am/5.05pm/11.05pm.
    U need kill coloss in map 8B for this achievement. Later they ask u finish kill all monsters in maps and baby coloss etc. (look my screens and it's easy for u)


    For exemple :

    In winter event u have all days 1 colosse (look my screens for more information) : in first it's hours, left maps.


    For exemple : BUTHU /
    KIRUS /
    LODOS /
    PENTAR /
    SOBEK /

    On this achievement u need just kill NPC on map, make quest, wins gold, ... ;) more information when u clic here :

    If u need more inforamtion or u search guild u can come on my TS : or come in my guild : GOC ;)
    Good game
    bye bye
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