No diamonds for killing Ates?

Discussion in 'Players' Corner' started by DrNasty, May 30, 2015.

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  1. DrNasty

    DrNasty User

    So, I'm level 27 and just killed Ates in Oasia and got the diamonds for the kill. I hopped over to dune sea right after, popped a guild exp 50 so I wouldn't outlevel the zones, and killed Ates there but got no diamonds. I know I scored the kill in dune too because it shows I got the gold and guild exp in the log and I should be in the right level range for dune sea because I had just got loot in Oasia.

    Anyone know why I didn't get diamonds in Dune Sea? Did the guild exp 50 stop me from getting them? Was it the fact that I killed Ates in Oasia right before? Was it a diamond cap? Advice would be appreciated so I can farm more efficiently. :)

    Also, as a side note, anyone know if that 6 hour respawn timer on Ates starts from when he dies or when him and all his minions die?
  2. MaxGrand

    MaxGrand User

    The spawn is based on time killed, as far as the diamonds your guess is as good as mine. You could have been capped, which I do not think Ates counts against you were glitched or just plain did not notice. You sure some one did not snipe it from you?
  3. DrNasty

    DrNasty User

    Got the unmistakeable massive amount of exp and gold from a kill, had to be Ates.

    ANIKHTE User

    maybe you hit the diamond limit of the day???
    when you hit the diamond limit and you kill a boss in a high zone you get only gold no diamonds
    maybe it is the same with ates?
  5. Well since u got one in Dune Sea and you are a lvl 27 maybe just by chance u had already gone over the zone Level Limit for Oasia there is lvl cutoffs for the zones. I believe that zone 8 is like lvl 26

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