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  1. My point of view is that BP need specialized ships. As it is now, we have ships in 3 categories: PVP ships, the everyday all around ships which includes the best and the worst ships and 1 monster slayer. I think, that new players sould have the oppertunity to buy a weak farmning ship (somekind of ahab) for gold or minimal diamonds.

    I also think (my main point) that the existing ships have unimaginative combat stats. The majority of the ships have the same stats. I can only think of Ahab as a one of a kind ships. Sure some are better (DOW, Frost), but its only an increase of the standard stats. I want to see special ships, that play different than the shot and die ships. I can already come up with some only thinking in 5 mins:

    support ships (subcategory; protectors (tanks that can protect others from incoming damage) repair ships (can shot friendly ships and heal a bit of life) industry ships (Faster use of different items)

    Attacking ships (subcategory; normal ships (The ships we already have), PVP ships ( the ships we already have), NPC ships (same princip as the Ahab), speed ships: (very fast ships)

    deceptive ships (subcategory; stealther (gains some bonus while invisible and right after attacking when out of it) Hunter (Bonus against big ships that kills on lower zones) reflecting ships (ships that dosent make much damage, but can do some other things the others ships cant)

    I think the game has lot of potentiel to be more coulerful and enjoyable.
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    it is like that in darkorbit... and i dont like it...
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  3. I think thats a good idea,

    but in this game there are enough ships!

    (sorry my english is bad, i am from germany :D )
  4. Just leave the ships as they are, Bring in new ships as a reward for Something!!!!
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  5. Look at The Achievement Battle Frig trend for new ship idea.
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    I don't want to throw water on your fire, I'll let the seas and storms take care of that. There is a dfference between impatient wishing and determined achieving.

    You pirates that want better ships just need to be patient and DILLIGENT (and perhaps smarter sailors). Listen, just a smidgeon, to this Pirate's yarn, and you swabs may learn a thing or two.

    I signed on as a total noob only seven moons past, after Halloween it was. By fighting and farming only I worked my way up to where I could finally grab a Frigate at a bargain price (not a Large Frigate mind you, just an ordinary Frigate.) During the winter event I worked diligently at the quests, arena, bonus maps, and battle grounds . I spied a prize I really wanted to takeand pressed on through rough seas, frustrating battles (and extended power outages for my network due to winter storms where I live). I There were times I thought I might not reach my goal or catch the prize before the event was over, but I gave it a try. By pressing on through the Winter storms and battles I finally reached a safe harbour at the end of the holidays almost out of time, gold, diamonds, and ammo. But I was then sailing a Blizzard ship with the full Winter Set of improvements.

    Then came another event and I fought diligently in the Spider Bay battleground until I got my first permanent deck, the Booming Thunder. That wasn't much, but it was a start. When the Death Jaunt came around I had to focus hard again, but by setting my sights and working smart I succeeded in adding the Upper Barbed deck.

    With the Winter Set, the Booming Thunder Deck, and the Upper Barbed Deck I had 24 extra cannon slots that are permanent on top of the Blizzard's base set. Then I joined a guild and was soon able to add a permanent Guild deck for another ten cannon slots.

    With this summer event I am picking and choosing which battle grounds to fight, and which to postpone for a later adventure. By July I will not have all of the goods and treasures that are available, but I will have at least two more permanent decks adding 20 more cannon slots, plus improvements that added signifcant HP strength to my ship.

    Oh, and don't you be mistaken, mates. I earned all of this by fighting and farming only. I am not the best Pirate on the seas, and I do not yet have the strongest ship on the ocean. Even so, I am getting stronger and smarter as I test myself against the sea. I keep improving my ship, and I keep refining my weapons. I made some mistakes along the way, but I learned some lessons from those mistakes. If you are true pirates, you can write your own story. If you are not real pirates your tales will be forgotten and some other swab will come along to take over your empty berth. What kind of metal are you made of, mates?

    The Pirate's Life is not for the weak of heart, it is a life to test your metal. Fair breezes and savour the smell of the sea, mates. Great Beard.
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  8. Beautifull..Man..That is awesome:):):):)
  9. There are 20 plus of us who have come to Pirate Storm from several different alliances and worlds in a battle game that did just what was being suggested: specialized troops, each more powerful when it was introduced than the previous were made available and disrupted the strategies---you couldn't win against them, they did not fit in the game so others were brought in to counteract them, then others to defend against the newest and on and on.. When you start doing this, believe me, the game ceases to be a war/strategy game and becomes a building game. I took a hiatus from there for a few months, dissatisfied, but returned and didn't recognize a thing. There were now scores of players with power in the billions that never attacked or defended, just kept acquiring the newest troops. Those that did continue to play the game as a war game were eventually wiped out---that game penalized you so badly when you took a risk that you could never recoup your losses. I contacted 22 of my former foes and allies and told them about Pirate Storm. We have been exploring your great worlds for a few days now---getting our "sea legs" so to speak and we are totally enthusiastic for this marvelous game as it stands now. It is like old times for us, like our old home used to be before some who were impatient and wanted it all much faster, ruined a beautiful game. Don't do it here--you have no idea what you've got.
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  10. You're so right! I used to play another BP game that is now a wasteland.. it used to be like PS is now, but it was ruined by people that abused glitches and other types of bugs/cheats.
    I can already see the signs of this game going down the same path.. people don't realize or seem to care that they're killing the game when they do these things.
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  11. If Big Point keeps this game pure, that is that it doesn't go down the merry path that many, many freestanding and Facebook wargames have gone of offering more elite troops (or ships), elite equipment, etc, that severely screw over the strategies, they will have more business than they can ever imagine. There are so many so called battle games that have gone, ahem, to the Dark Side, that if it were better known that one has not and that a player with a wicked sense of timing, calculated risk taking, dumb blind luck and even blinder perseverance could seriously have a good time, there are literally thousands of people such as you and I who remember such games and would happily flock to play. I am also pretty sure that the changes my previous game instituted made it waaay easier to glitch and cheat in as well. These changes in a basic, really good game make it a more profitable enterprise for a short time---then as you say, a wasteland of a few remaining squabbling babies that complain constantly about the game and demand the time (and ulcers) of the support staff because there are no real gamers present to kick their backsides into shape :). Players will support the game if it is a good, playable one. I admire the Hades out of Great Beard's post and placed it on our PS group's Facebook page.

    (BTW, I saw a blurb on the world map that says you can become a premium member---can't find out exactly how though, can someone point me that way?).
  12. Sign-in to the website, then up top, near where it shows your server, click payment. There will be a pop-up page and then look for a golden skull, that will be the "Premium Packs".
    There's Bronze (1 month), Silver (6 months), and Gold (1 year). You can hover over each option and it will show you the benefits of each prem pack.. Gold prem is the best for the $$ and as far as benefits go, but only recommended it if you plan on playing for awhile :)
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