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Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by TheWhiteKnight, Dec 8, 2018.

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  1. I propose a new ship, The Scorchbrand, the summer version of the Paladin. Like how the Frostbrand is the winter version. It could be a red-ish color with flames, like the frost on the frostbrand.

    Cannons: 50
    Launchers: 40

    Flame deck: (Like the Sleetshine Deck)
    Cannons: 30
    Launchers: 28
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  2. Eclips

    Eclips User

    What does it improve of the current ships we have? It has 10 less cannons then frostbrand and isnt better then the average event ship, so eventually nobody will really need it.
    There is already a special ship during summer event (Eagle ship) and there are plenty of other ships (Buthu Frigrat, Anansi ship) you can buy during the summer event. I dont see how this ship is good or can improve the game.
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  3. Why not add it? There's a summer ship already, yes we know. And there's 3 winter ships! Why not add another summer ship that new players can get and use until they can get a Frostbrand? Or they can keep it and build it up, like so many players do with lesser ships than the Frostbrand. So that arguement that we have enough ships isn't a great one. What does it add to the game? Diversity. More options to be different. It's just a fun suggesttion but there will always be those who want to shot every idea down.
  4. Eclips

    Eclips User

    It´s not a good enough ship. Before the summer event there is Dragon event, this is a better ship then ´´The Scorchbrand´´ And after the summer there is Haloween event which is a better ship also. There is no point of this ship because it doesnt give anything extra. Little players will always need the best ship avaiable, so will not go with this ship. There are plenty of ship players can get before Frostbrand.
  5. MiniPirate

    MiniPirate User

    Hey guys there is no development team for PS, dont spend your time writing suggestions, let the other developers solve the PS bugs as they are trying to do and after suggest ideas.
    MiniPirate EU3
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  6. -korsan98-

    -korsan98- User

    put another ship I don't mind having more skulls :cool:
  7. Tiger

    Tiger User

    Yes and eagle ship is quite easy to get so I agree with Eclips.
  8. Marvel-Gay

    Marvel-Gay User

    They deleted my post.
    Do you know why?
    Because I told the truth.
    Dear TheWhiteKnight, the game has many little boats that only serve to decorate the shipyards. And this one of you would be just one more!
    In addition, the game remains full of bug that, five years after being aware, Big Point has not yet corrected. So, discussing the creation of another boat, at this moment, is totally irrelevant !!
  9. Dont write the truth you lose your time. Believe me. I am writing all the time the truth they delete all my post
    If i write somithing truth now with the first look of [B-A] it's deleted! They know the truth.... They cannot do something also. So are deleting the comment's. Let the people are playing now in a whole of error...!

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