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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by FrankThePro, Nov 29, 2016.

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  1. [-PRO-]

    [-PRO-] User

    Yeah Bigpoint, why is there a difference from total amount of pvp daily and seasonal pvp daily ?
  2. 1111

    1111 User

    you said to do the work to get the skulls and pvp points ?? Zones almost empty ??
    Good luck for hunting
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  3. I agree! This new PvP system is terrible! Makes it worse than it was before, no chance at all. I'm ready to quit too. I think this PvP system will be the nail in the coffin.
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  4. Yes, the losing skulls part is terrible! Gives new and mid players little to no chance.
  5. PaganHorde

    PaganHorde User

    These two are related. The higher you are all time PvP rank, then more seasonal PvP you can lose. If you get sunk.
    It's kind of ironic to them who sat in the old days all the time portwar. BP just Backstab them :D
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    ANIKHTE User

    so you can tell me when i sink a player is normal to win more seasonal or more total pvp points??
    that means we can have people that can finish the season with seasonal points but no pvp points earned? and the other way people finish the season with total pvp poitns earned and not seasonal?

    so in which scenario a new player or an old player can win these different points?
    and if the total pvp points is nto going to be the add of your seasonal pvp points what is going to be??

    as i said in problem number 8 it is stupid the pvp points you earn to be connected to the overall pvp points you have
    that means the person who is first in the seasonal pvp points but has 2 few total can worth fewer pvp points from an old player from many people with more total pvp poits but maybe not playing that much any more??

    at leas tin the old system the higher you were the more points you were giving, which seem to be missed in here.

    but apart from that problem, is there possible and logical when you kill someone to win difeent poitns fro the seasonal and for the total?
    is it logical??? and as i said that can lead peopel finishing the season wit h extremes of only seasonla or only toal pvp points.

    how logical will be for a new player to finish the season with only total pvp poins but zero seasonal?
    or if you do not want these extremes win 5000 seasonal and 10.000 total pvp points?? or even the reverse??? win 10.000 seasonal an d only 5.000 total??

    doea it make any sense??? because thats what we are seeign right now in the ranking.
    every day we have more people winning more pvp points and 0 total pvp points, and if you check the list 1 by one you will see that among the players that win seasonal and total poitns there are few that these 2 numbers are not a match. when the majority of the players finish the day with the same daily for the sason and for the total.

    do you pagan horde have you killed a person and got fewer seasonal and more total? or got more seasonal and less total??

    thats what we are asking? why there is these anomaly , and this non logical hapenign in the pvp system
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  7. I am going on strike until Bigpoint have changed the game !
  8. [-PRO-]

    [-PRO-] User

    I am also going on strike until bigpoint change the pvp system as it is beyond a joke now , me and my friends are giving you 1 week to change it or else we will all leave !
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  9. I have decided to leave this game, as we cannot even farm any more because of this PVP system big point has brought in, and all the cheaters are sinking every player for points and scull, even when they can see you don't have any wings, meaning, no points or sculls, and as i said,i will not play any game tide to big point and his partners.The moderators off big point has done nothing over this issues that was posted by the players of pirate storm over this issue and other issues.
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  10. =^ᴥ^=

    =^ᴥ^= User

    I dont want to be hopeless or something,but when they didnt answer or do something about the thread about merging the servers I dont think they will check forum or lets better say they dont care what you think about the the new pvp system.
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  11. I was ignorant at first, I saw a new pvp update was coming and thought this was gonna be fresh and a new start without reading the whole update and then I went offline for a few weeks (coming back hoping people were okay with it). Now that I have read the comments and the update in more detail I must say that this update is more brutal that I have ever thought of.

    I have never seen a game that punish you so hard for being a smaller player. New players or medium players can't contest in PVP because they can't get PVP items because they die, die and die again. They can't PvE because they get hunted like animals in their semi-upgraded event ships.

    When I play a game, I want to feel the progress, now I feel like a big stupid "come and kill me taget" and BP take away my progress.

    The biggest fun I had in this game was slowly and steadily being able to buy the big skull canons without using real money- that is now gone for me and every medium player! I have wasted my time.

    I was hopeful, but this is just another greedy update from a company, which are so careless about their players, I'm gonna puke over it.

    Let this bad updated game die off, I dont care, which is made purely out of greed from careless amateurs.
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  12. Today, Monday 27 January 2017, Since Pig point started to get players complaints over this stooped PvP system they forts onto the players, two month has past, and they have not posted any news on fixing this pvp system, they just posting new upcoming events. who the hell is going to play any event in this game, as you going to get sunk if you use any ship either a AHAB, and most probably you will get block by cheaters, and high lvl players by chain sinking you, because you using a Ahab, and there are no one to sink and get scull and points from. So, pig point are just showing the players, WE DON'T CARE, if this game end with to little player, then so be it, we will replace it with a game from our Chinese partner game. well, s will be my last chat over this game as i'm now playing World of Warship on EU server, at least i can build my ship and battle it out with a group of players and have fun. i'll rather spend my hard cash on the new game then on pirate storm, where i only can farm with a Ahab Ship, and not growing in this game because i cannot build up sculls and pvp point to get the special items i need. So, good bey to all that still want to hang out and are hopping pig point will fix the pvp system. *$*DragonWolf*$* signing out and off.
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  13. [-PRO-]

    [-PRO-] User

    Lets hope there is no new PvP sytem after this one ends , although BigPoint have done so much damage i think the game is now just a memory and that is how it will stay all my friends and allies have moved on and found new games to replace this, Guess this is a goodbye forever :/
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  14. ffwill

    ffwill User

    before this stupid PVP came into existence, I had over 5k of skulls saved for the 1/2 off days.. you know to get bloods.. when it switched over, I lost all those skulls. And since I don't coin, I am not as strong as others.. All that work prior is gone.. Farming in Ahab is not really fun and loosing PVP and skulls really sucks.. I would have liked to have the opportunity to spend those skulls before BP decided to "take them away" from the players... I've been on for over 2 years now and it is not fun anymore.. and for new players.. forget it.. BP pretty much **** them..
  15. PaganHorde

    PaganHorde User


    With love from Bigpoint.
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  16. zzz

    zzz User

    suitable image. in this game!
  17. =^ᴥ^=

    =^ᴥ^= User

    We always used to get that love xD
  18. game has gone to crap new pvp system has finished this game off. Time for a new game.
  19. Let us know if you find a good one.

  20. 1111

    1111 User

    Hey. BG. I have a good idea to remove the entire pvp system.:) for example, in this period some bad items.
    not interested.
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