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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by FrankThePro, Nov 29, 2016.

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  1. As usual, Anikhte has absolutely no idea what he is talking about. The seasonal pvp points does not award anything for being the first rank. The 'Dreaded' rank is rank 3, and it is achieved by having over 25,000 points.

    ANIKHTE User

    as i said extrapolating from looking the pvp table , and if you see the ??? and without having any official info from the company how can anyone know what the dread is all about?? and since in eu4 we only have 1 dread in the ranking is is too much too consider that it will be served for the 1st one???
    and if you are so well informed tell us the other 2 ranks,their names and their breaking points.
    and as always you are also spreading misinformation, rank 1 pvp gives you the bahomet ship. because when you look in the reward page it says for rank 1, you unlock the bahomed ship. SO YOU ARE THE ONE ONCE MORE HAVING NO IDEA WHAT HE IS TALKING ABOUT. So stop making fun of yourself. When i posted the breaking points was with the available info so far in my server. if i done it today i would have written it differently about the dreaded being rank 3 and breaking as it seems at 26.00 points. i could not say 25k given the ranking in my server.
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    ANIKHTE User

    How the company ought to have done the seasonal pvp
    Rank 150.000 - ?Name?bahomede
    Rank 240.000 – 49.999Name?Battle deck
    Rank 330.000 – 39.999Dreadedorca
    Rank 420.000 – 29.999frighteningblood
    Rank 515.000 – 19.999threateningHades figurehead
    Rank 610.000 – 14.999fearsome.
    Rank 78.000 – 9.999scurvyBarracuda
    Rank 86.500 – 7.999notorius.
    Rank 95.000 – 6.499infamousFront battle deck
    Rank 104.000 – 4.999celebrated.
    Rank 113.000 – 3.999famedLarge warrior
    Rank 122.000 – 2.999skilledKeel
    Rank 131.000 – 1.999experiencedbulkhead
    Rank 14750 - 999trained.
    Rank 15500 - 749practicedpiranha
    Rank 16250 499aspiring.
    Rank 171 -100journeymanSmall warriors
    Rank 180aprendice.
    Rank 19? - 0neonate.
    when you 2 people are without any seasonal pvp when they will kill someone they will get 100 pvp points, so it was pointless to have
    5 ranking from 0-100 pvp points. with 1 kill you will jump all this ranking at once.

    what i am suggesting, what this table means.
    in the beginning of the seasonal players will have 0 points and thus placed already in rank pvp.
    now you can see there is a special pvp rank, pvp rank 19, since you loose pvp points now people could also can go negative pvp points.
    but if you are place in pvp rank 19 will have some special abilities. If someone kills a player that is in rank 19, will receive zero pvp and zero skulls. whats the purpose of this ranking?? It will eliminate the pvp and skull pushing using fake accounts, because a fake account will be able to give 1 per season skull and pvp points. If the person want to play that account and find a normal player to sink so it will place it again in rank 18 or above then it requires hard work, and it stop being a fake account. Willing to kill normal players will require that this fake account will be strong enough to actual do that which the majority of them are not. Also it will help the company to monitor for accounts that are used in arena pushing. Just monitor the accounts that stay negative.

    if a person kills someone in the same rank as him receives 120 pvp points, and add or subtract 20 for every level of ranking the player is higher or smaller than you. what this will accomplice??? also if you get zero pvp points from when you kill someone you will also receive zero skulls

    whats the purpose of that. Protecting the new players, by placing a safe distance between the items a new player need and with the the pvp hungry players. if a strong player gains nothing from a new player they will leave them in peace to farm and grow. and also it will ensure that even if the big player kills them the small player will loose nothing. so a win win win situation.

    what you think about this implementation??

    maybe we can also add this rule
    rank 19 loose pvp but no skulls will help the company to find out accounts used for pushing, so it very likely a normal player to be in this category but since he will offer nothing to any player it means the rest will not attack them thus giving the player the opportunity to find an easy player to kill and go back to more normal pvp rankings.
    rank 18 can loose pvp and no skulls so we can throw the fake accounts to pvp rank 19
    rank 11 -17 do not loose pvp or skulls if get sunk will help new player unlock the items and keep the skulls to buy the large warriors so badly needed.
    rank 6-10 if sunk only loose pvp but no skull this will help the majority of players that are moderate in the game to keep their skulls, thus allowing them to participate in arena, battlegrounds and guild attack.
    rank 1-5 if sunk loose both pvp and skulls. this rankings will be for the hard core pvp players in the game that will not mind the extra challenge to be among the best. the carrot for people to try to be in this ranks will be the new ship and of course the bloods.

    i think all this can make a balanced seasonal pvp system
    the pvp breaking points are open to discussion.
    what do you think ?
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  4. Darkrage

    Darkrage User

    I like this idea. ANIKHTE's got it right with the tiered system.
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  5. doubt ill renew my membership or buy anymore diamonds : they can kiss my money goodbye
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  6. well i am a midle player and last days i cant even farm for 5 minutes without getting sunk.I cant fight back against lvl 50 people with all the upgrades so even if they want to keep something like the new system they should at least make 3 or 4 categories based on lvl or battle power whatever they want and not give any reward to those who sink players from lower categories. Right now i would stop the game if it was not for the winter event because i would not be able to play at all.(if the management of the company want something more detailed as a solution i think ANIKITE has made a lot of them)
  7. [-PRO-]

    [-PRO-] User

    I agree with ANIKHTE's idea , damnn he is better alone then all the bigpoint staff put together
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  8. Corb8

    Corb8 User

    Кассандра, if you have more information ,why not say ?,if not know? best not say nothing,or working for BP for this defends BP.The idea of PVp is very worse ,same the lastest ideas always more worse,this look like a competition who do the more worse idea for the pirate storm. Are you in the competition?
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    ANIKHTE User

    why the company implement something new??
    to bring more new players in the game. to make the existing players play more and propably spend more, and even try to bring old players back in the game

    what they have achieved with the new pvp system??
    new players can not play so they quit
    the existing players quiting, and as for spending more they do not even farm anymore everyone is hiding in ahabs
    old players coming back oh yes with eh rule that they will lose their total pvp points they will return to find their points gone and they will be once more gone. this rule of loosing pvp points make sure that if someone quits the game will never look back. CONGRATULATIONS IDIOTS did you get an extra bonus for thinking that?

    what this new add on gives to the company??? how it helps the company to make more money when it send people away and make sure they will not return back.

    return to old pvp system now, that you still have people left. the more you delay it then you will be left with the option to close the game.
    bring the old pvp system back while you can save the game
    and then talk with your base and make a pvp system that will be useful and operational

    stop the travesty now before you kill the game
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    ANIKHTE User

    problem 8 of the new pvp system
    i sink 2 players both of them with 0 seasonal pvp points and i got 80 pvp points and 100 pvp points. The difference was in the total pvp points ranking. So the amount of pvp points earned is locked in the overall pvp ranking!?!?!?! Whats the point of the seasonal pvp point if you lock it to the total like this?? This mean a new player can be first in the seasonal pvp ranking and still give very few pvp points because of his overall pvp ranking!?!?!? And the insanity of the system goes on and on. The active best pvp player can not worth less pvp poitns than a dinosaur that do not even play pvp any more.

    Thats how they manage to get 8k pvp points daily the some elit people when all the people refuse to play pvp. They load fake accounts and kill them and keep getting pvp points. Since the pvp points earned is locked in the total and not in the seasonal. And the company promised us no pushing of any kind is allowed. And once more the special elit is in an arm race of pushing to control the pvp ranking. Congratulations for making a system that the only way to go up is by pushing. And killing fake accounts.

    Do you think it make any sense the pvp points earned to be according your overall pvp ranking?? its insanity
    this is a travesty
    stop it now
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  11. zzz

    zzz User

    All my friends have finished this game.:(:( I will stop also when the winter event ended.
    I'm a strong old player. I can not accept pvp system!!!
    really disappointed.
    change in pvp system!!! Please!!
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  12. Yes bring back the Old PvP for now
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    ANIKHTE User

    you can see the maps empty
    you can even see the difference in the forum no one is here to post anymore
    they come to the forum they said how disappointed they are, the company ignored them and they left

    when they implement the new pvp system i heard from the elit that they are making new small accounts to give pvp and skulls
    and what a suprice if you go low maps you can see many seconds 3 4ths accounts with 2000 seasonal pvp points or more,
    even to a player as low as level 8 with a piranha in an over 6 months old account.

    can the company see the obvious?
    level 8 accounts having 2000 pvp points when the majority of normal peopel are left in 0 pvp 0 skulls.

    many stopped already the game
    many wait a bit more to see if the company will take away the new pvp system
    you will left with no one after winter event, as for the daily small accounts you see online do you even are in position to separate a second account from a normal 1st account player??? Or you think because of all this small accounts the game is having a success??

    the more you wait the more irrevocable the damage will be
    there is 10 people that they try new game to switch so if you wait too long they will find the new game and you can forget them for good
    time is a luxury you do not have any more
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  14. Man, Big Point,you ignoring every thing the players are talking about. I also will leave this game as all my friends already did. I found players with new account, meaning clone accounts/fake accounts, to push them self too gain points and sculls, and don't tell me it's not true.I found players lvl 8 with gold wings over 2000 points, a lvl 8, plus a lvl 25 player with number 2 rank wings, how the hell can you get that rank with lvl 25, i battle my rear off to get one wing, or some point. My opinion is you Big Point don't give a s..., if you did, you would off fix this by now. Go look on your system how much players is on line now after you change the pvp system, or do you need help from a player to come a show you. The maps are empty, the pvp are empty, only cheaters running the game now, and soon they will leave too as there will be now one to battle. This is not the players mistake, it's you Big Point mistake, and you now lost money, from every one that left, i wander what the investors will say if they get there monthly report. The players has complained to you Big point over a lot of issus on the game and you just delete them from the form, so reap what you sow, that's all i can say.
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    ANIKHTE User

    in a serious note
    its is holidays many people will make a present to themselves which would have been spending money in the the game of their choice.
    you shoot yourself in the foot and you refuse to say that you were wrong, what the chinese will say when they see that the holiday balanced was negative. do you really aspect any income this holidays? if i were you i would not buy presents this holiday either because next year you will looking for a job since your refusal to see the reality will leave you without a job. Piratestorm will not sail into 2017 we are seeing the end moovie titles now. The movie ends and the people will move forward. Good luck finding a new job.
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  16. I agree Anikhte, if i was a investor and the report for a holiday season show less then a normal month, i would want to know how it came to that, and the person that messed it up, he is fired.
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  17. Corb8

    Corb8 User

    This game now is only for the enjoy of the cheaters, xxXDragonWol1Xxx, have true the cheaters find the system for the PVP,always they are one step ahead,or three
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    ANIKHTE User

    well the cheaters do not mind what rules of the game because they cheat, so any rule is the same rule for them, there to be broken
    and i said it many times the company protects a special elit and that special elit with immunity brought down the game
    and they will be the last one to stop playing because there will be no normal players to mess around.

    maybe this special elit they spend so much money the company do not care for the rest of us
    but it will be a time that enough is enough, and the game will only be left with this ones

    since in every press release of the company they mention every other game than the piratestorm, we are the big forgotten orphans, that means that the special elit is not supporting the game.

    what a gamer is so obvious to see the company refuse to see it
    the company plays the damn,i can not see i can not find, then you will not see or find our money in your bank account.

    if you can not see and find the cheaters then do not aspect to see and find any money from the players.
    every game have cheaters, saying that piratestorm have none is a denial of reality.

    the servers are empty, and now even the people stopped coming to forum to complain.
    what we have to say we said it in the first days of the new system, we talk and once more you ignored us
    now we are going to ignore you the way we know it by not spending money and leaving the game
    happy holidays fellow gamers for us it will be for the company it will certainly not be
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  19. [-PRO-]

    [-PRO-] User

    Yeah many people have left all of our Allies have packed their bags and said Adios to this game , now only a few remain to see if they fix the game and if not we are all leaving

    ANIKHTE User

    and that the company can not see the obvious continues
    so far for me and for many others you win the same seasonal and total pvp in each kill. I have not yet killed someone and have a difference in this 2 numbers. which you expect to be the same since, the player you kill has the same value over the 2 different rankings.

    so why in the daily seasonal pvp and the daily total pvp ranking the game list 2 different number of people???
    346 people got pvp yesterday in my server for the season and only 295 for the total pvp ranking.

    that means we have some magic 51 people are should i say better 51 accounts that only made seasonal pvp points and no total pvp points!??!?!? and if you combine that with the inflate daily pvp seasonal number we keep seeing in eu4 it is easy to see where this special people get their 7k daily pvp points. As i said these people sink magically ships which noone else finds and i am right on the money. The kill ships that do not exist. Exist only in the seasonal ranking but not in the total ranking!?!??!

    in a serious note can the company please explain this huge discrepancy? is that irrefutable truth that the seasonal pvp systems hacked and the pvp number we see is a product of cheating pushing some players?

    when i say the elit is doing what ever they wont i mean it. You go around and all maps are empty, even worse than the day before, but this special people it does not matter they keep earning the same amount of pvp every day. with the extra help of t accounts.

    ans why i post this here and not in the support. the last time i contact support they replayed and what you want to say with that. obviously i said what i wanted to say and the support once more refuse to do anything.

    CAN WE GET AN EXPLANATION WHY THERE IS 51 more accounts in the seasonal and not in the total pvp? And by the way this happens many days now.

    and the party for the elit never stops
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