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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by FrankThePro, Nov 29, 2016.

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  1. Uuuh a new PvP system has just been announced on the test server! Who is excited?!?

    I am excited, I like the concept, it's fresh and brings a little competition. But but but... always a but...

    The power curve in this game is pretty brutal- in a way, that a new or intermediate player never has a chance to climb higher than a player, who played for several years (who has special season items and got a big stash of fire). I think this will be a problem.

    It's like putting a few experienced karate masters in the same tournament as a bunch of white belts, Its impossible for the white belts to win!

    My suggestion = make leagues! (like in other games like bronze, sliver, gold leagues etc. ).

    The leagues could be divided in:
    1) time spent online
    2) powerlevel of main ship
    3) total diamond count (everything you have will have its value calculated in diamonds)

    Have any thoughts/comments??
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  2. leagues aren't a bad idea, but, neither is getting your bunz kicked every so often. Makes you that much more determined to develop your ship.

    Wait....what?? they actually decided to use the test server for pvp??? **faints**

    Where did you see that?? Please, don't joke about something like this, it would mean someone in development is actually listening to suggestions. If so, the possibilities are endless.... oh shoot, I forgot how to access the test server..
  3. Wedgewood

    Wedgewood bp_phrase_Forum_Demigod

    You can log into the test server via Here. :)
  4. PaganHorde

    PaganHorde User

    Hey Wedgewood, How to get more diamonds for test server? I got like two times alot of them, but now nothing long time..
  5. I have this pvp system
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  6. Newbiee

    Newbiee User

    Am I doing something wrong, or this test server wants you to do quests and pvp ? Ships arent open, seals arent full, cannons arent good... What is the point of test server if you cannot build max ships to test them in equal pvp ranking system?


    Knowbiee EU3
  7. Great Comment here. If it is a test server you shoul dbe able to test any setup you like for free. That way it is a true test
  8. DemonLord

    DemonLord User

    Since i cant use the test server i hope it works in leagues yea. so that way a player in a higher league cant just pvp a bunch of people in lower leagues and get tons of pvp off them and make them lose pvp. you can only make people in your league lose pvp. would be nice anyways xD
  9. @Newbiee
    The test server gave me 10 million dias, I used them to fully develop my scrolls (about 3 mil) and if i were to waste another 3-4 months of my life, I would get my rank up to level 50 to compete in the arena there, and add another year to get my event decks, etc. As it stands right now, the test server arena is no better than any other server despite BP stating there are changes.

    Those changes are only for prizes, and not addressing the problems of dumping newbies into arena matches with players 20, 30 levels + higher than they are.

    There is an American saying about putting lipstick on a's still a pig :p
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  10. @DemonLord Why cant you use the test server? just message support and ask that an account be made for you---they will email u back a pword and then log in on the link that was provided in a test server subject forum here.

    ANIKHTE User

    i am not excited
    the point of changing the pvp system was to make it possible for new players to get ranks instead from this solid ghostly pvp rank of today and , and thus actively give opportunity for new players to unlock all items, and what wedgewood said in the forum? they will keep the total pvp points which will give you some items to unlock!!! so it means they actively change nothing if they pvp will have locked items according to your total pvp points. Where is the change!?!?!? i do not see it
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  12. [-PRO-]

    [-PRO-] User

    I agree
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  13. =^ᴥ^=

    =^ᴥ^= User

    The new PVP system is one of the worst update of the game they did. The game will get more unfair to players who play just for a short time and the only people who will get the rewards will be those who play 12h+ and guilds which are ally with each other will cooperate together so i think the game for me its done. I hope you guys have a great time with it,for me,with this new PVP system made me just quit the game. :) ;)
  14. zazzou

    zazzou User

    French players are complaining a lot on french forum. Just a few facts:

    1/ The new pvp system is unfair for small & medium players. New players cannot even unlock large warriors or piranah
    2/ Most of big players don't want to waste so much items... only for buying new blood in skulls
    3/ Ahabs or small ships on maps. Even in arena, elite ships are disappearing. Sloops on the maps to make exchange. Great!
    4/ We spend 90% of our time invisible on maps or in harbour...
    5/ Pushing is still the king of that game for big alliances or guilds, so that one of their players goes up in ranking
    6/ Farmers farm and do nothing else

    So what?????
    Lot of players want to stop the game, and new players won't play more than 2 hours on it xD

    BP, please change this new pvp system, and the malus when you are sunk (for at least skulls) or game flows down in the water.

    Thx for reading, and sorry again for my bad english
  15. PaganHorde

    PaganHorde User

    I agree all. Dear Piratestorm developers do you lose your mind?? Here is not 1 April yet.

    Many small players are frustrated now. Because they can only lose and got nothing. Losing skulls is horrible idea, seasonal pvp I can somehow understand. But losing skulls is just silly. Why not lose then gold also, like got sunk and - Bang 1 mio gold is gone?? Why not? Anyway totally harebrained.
    Everyone sailed ahabs or devastators. All zones is empty. If it was your idea to make the game more active then you need admit - this is a big fail.. Bigger than that dragon lottery.
  16. The new PVP system punishes (for lack of a better word yet still quite accurate) newer players and they can never even remotely hope to gain any semi-significant ranking in the new pvp system.
    New items? Forget it for all the but the most experienced players.

    PVP battles for skulls can STILL TAKE PLACE if experienced players actually trade with one another. Average loss of PVP points vs same player is about 50-75% so its a net gain of 25% points and 50% skulls.

    THINK about that expereinced players. Instead of playing into BP scheme and using max bloods 24/7 for protection against loss of pvp, continue battles but still TRADE with those you sink! In the end, if done, all players will beneft and achieve ranking to get items with individual players still utilizing effecient play strategy and USED ITEM management to push the game to the player advantage versus playing 24/7 at max player (ship) capability using all avalaible enhancements.

    Opinions are like kiesters.........everyone has one........this be mine! (played 3+years)
  17. saad455

    saad455 User

    100 % agreed with zazuu
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    ANIKHTE User

    well the company thinks if they make the game more aggressive players will spend more, it will only make them stop the game, i have said that many times, do not try to make the game aggressive you just shoot yourself in the foot, let the game take its natural way. You need a game playable for many people. Not a chosen elite. Which is what you have now and all the things you do just preserve and strengthens that elite. The loss of skulls is among-one of that. I did not want to post first about the magnitude of stupidity of the new pvp ranking you implemented so i will not be the usual one that complains. So now that you mange to piece the majority of the hard core players that stayed in the game , what is next??? of course winter event with new items new improvements meaning more diamonds for the player. A game that was extremely expensive the company keeps pushing it to be even more and more expensive. Making it more expensive will not make players spend MORE MONEY THEY WILL JUST QUIT. Requesting more and more money to buy items so you can only play the game is not going to work, it will make people go away. Only the usual cheaters will have unlimited items the rest normal player, will be forced to quit the game. Throwing $$$$ just to be able to play and foot in the sea is not my idea of fun. I will go buy civilization 6 for 50 euros and play for months, then another 50 euros to buy normal game which i can have all the items possible for me, no support that refuses to do anything except taking their pay check, no forum moderators that are aggressive and the only thing they do is ban people for talking. This games where supposed to be free and they end up costing 5 times and more money than actually getting a normal game, this is something the company should sink into it and stop making it more expensive. Me and many people are pissed off with the company refusing to address the serious problems of the cheaters, the support of the game, and only asks more and more money form us. As what the new pvp and winter event ask for us. This is not a millionaire club, if it is then i enter by mistake and excuse me i will take myself in the door and leave. Another excellent work from the company , one brilliant idea after another after another after another, oh yess wait for my money but you will have to wait longgggggggggggggg
  19. Agreed.
    Unless BP main goal is to shut down this game....then the new PVP season addition is the right way to go.
    Only the cheats and the ineptly stupid will continue to sink $$ / Euros into the game just to play.
    The blatant LACK OF RULE enforcement by BP is most discouraging. The outright cheating in this game, auto-click daily / hacked diamonds spent on FullMoon auctions are the major factors. Now, this PVP system.
    Unfortunately, I was proven stupid by purchasing premium 2-3 months ago and even some diamonds.
    My bad. That won't happen again. Not with this PVP system. I'll use my USED ITEMs and walk away (again). Played for 2 years and quit for1 year. Came back started again 13 months ago and spent nothing until 2-3 months ago (like a dummy).

    Acually had intentions of PROBABLY buying more diamonds but that proverbial ship has sailed now / or is sunk now!

    ANIHKTE is pretty much spot-on. Only the cheats and moderately "less than average intelligent players" will continue to play / put any more $$ or Euros into this game when they (finally) realize "IT JUST AINT WORTH IT ANYMORE".

    The game will end-up being only cheats and a combination of elite players with enough $$/Euros to continue funding this playstyle. Not the people this gamesman wishes to play with.
    I prefer a semi-level playing field and one where advantages are EARNED by playtime and fair play within the stated rules.
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  20. zzz

    zzz User

    old PVP back!!!! please!!!!
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