New Player in search of guild - Arabia server

Discussion in 'Players' Corner' started by _WhiteBeard_, Dec 4, 2023.

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  1. Hello guys! Im a new player in arabia server and would like to join a guild. The one more active in the moment seems to be APC (Alpha and Omega) and Ive sent invitation earlier today. Since theres no way to call anyone inside the game chat or discord right now, I came here for some communication. If anyone would accept me in, thanks a lot in advance. Really loving this game!
  2. tora

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    This is only a suggestion so take it as such, I do not know how active the Arabia server is, but if it is pretty inactive, even though you would experience high ping, I still think starting a new account would be best on EU1, since I believe that is the most active server. Happy pirating ;)
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  3. McAllan

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    Call me on discord...
  4. admiral123

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    what is your level ?
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  5. Hi McAllan! All good? I tried but it says the link on guild page expired. Maybe someone needs to update it, dunno
  6. Im level 22, got an ahab and dhuka so far but wanna get frostbrand in winter event
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    I am gonna join the game next Tuesday (not tomorrow).. at this time if no one helps you then i will try my best. Good luck.
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  8. Thanks tora! Its good advice :) Im personally running away from more active servers at the moment. I gave it a try in the past but in the game current state, it isnt a good business to face players. I know that when the game was crowded and diverse , it was the core of the fun to join pvp and battlefields. But atm, when you enter a battlefield or finds some1 in open seas, its all full 100k hp ships that have nothing to do in the game aside from bullying new players. They sink you repeatedly, kill npcs you need and which they wont get any rewards for just to harm you, they control moon auctions to prevent others to procede, make schemes to manipulate arenas, etc etc. So the game lost many players because of some decisions and bugs of course. But a good part of the blame falls to how toxic the remaining players are now. Hopefully, there are some things developers can do to decrease this behavior that keeps new people away from the game and I intend to contact support showing these points soon. But for now, dont wanna face players yet haha. Thanks anyway!
  9. Thanks man!
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  11. I forgot to ask, you got discord?

    Thanks McAllan! Im joining discord right now
  12. Looking for new players who want to be in a guild, which you can still create yourself and achieve a lot with.
    If you are interested, please contact us on Discord.
  13. Thanks man! Tried to add you in discord but it says somethings wrong in the username
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  15. ahh sorry HEXENKÖNIG SP#4714 it was my error