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  1. I would like to clarify the future of the game. Are there any innovations planned? The game stands still for many years. Over the past 3 years, there have been no changes except bug fixes, but so they should have been doing this and this is not an achievement at all, these are bug fixes due to which you lost a wild amount of people and money. So, when will the game continue to evolve and in what direction? Many people want specifics, to hear the developers plan this game.

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    :rolar os olhos: "Big Point" responds to its customers, we want a serious response and we cannot bear so much negligence. WHAT TYPE OF COMPANY IS IGNORING ITS FAITHFUL CUSTOMERS FOR 3 YEARS, HAVE DIGNITY AT LEAST TO FINISH THE GAME ?!
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    First of all, BP is not commuting and does not want to. I think that is the first place to start construction. There is no person on the forum who can answer the simple question "what about the game?". I invested money in the game, although it was not compulsory but it was possible for development. I did not do this for a week or a month, but planned for the longer term. I think it is quite right for us to know what they are planning here! They should be answered by a competent person. I've been playing around with smaller interruptions since 2012, and I already know the game and the board quite well. Many times I have come across the statement "... development team ...". Unfortunately, this is not the case, there is only a new rule here and that's it. We want meaningful answers, not template text. If we do not get meaningful answers here, where do we ask our questions?