New Dragon Scorn Ship II

Discussion in 'Players' Corner' started by lamoia100, Mar 5, 2015.

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  1. lamoia100

    lamoia100 User

    Has anyone got info or pictures of the new Dragon Scorn ship?

    If you do post it here thank you
  2. Amnesia

    Amnesia User

    There are some pics (presumably of the new dragonship, but who knows) on the Pirate storm facebook page
  3. Kionzy

    Kionzy User

  4. Demetrius

    Demetrius User

    It seems like it cant take the Mashushu Deck of the Dragon Scorn. Am I Right, has anyone saw if the deck is availiable for this new ship?
  5. Kionzy

    Kionzy User

    there is no other ship to buy so the deck must be for that new ship. no ?!!
  6. why cant i do it i registered i ended up in Europe servers
  7. Demetrius

    Demetrius User

    I believe Deck SHOULD NOT be for this ship, only for Dragon Scorn I
  8. Kionzy

    Kionzy User

    as far as i know there is only one deck for Iron Eagle I and Iron Eagle II so there it's possible the Mashushu Deck set for this new ship.

    ANIKHTE User

    problem is that in test server the deck says it only for dragon 1
    and why have the deck??? because there are may people with dragon 1 that do not have the deck
    so they need the option to get the deck.

    i do not know what bigpoint is thinking
    remove dragon ship for an inferior dragon 2?

    dragon was an excellent ship
    dragon2 if does not take the deck not that much worth it
  10. Astray2

    Astray2 User

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    First, highlight the emergence of a new boat that apparently replaces the old wrath of the dragon.

    To my opinion it's a pretty ugly boat, but tastes ... colors that the saying goes.

    Secondly I am struck powerfully, the item "dragon's blood" does not appear in the store, or rewards invasion.

    (do not know if the reason is a failure or that this iten not be available for purchase at this event)

    A package for purchase in which if there bloods dragon appears. but only 20. And I dont know the price, because if you give to buy, you can see the store but the package does not appear on it to buy it.


    Well as always tons of bugs in the preparation of new and early events: BIG POINT:

    Of course all a display of German infallibility. (ironic mode off)

    to be continued ,,,,. :D (Forgive my English)
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2015
  11. Wedgewood

    Wedgewood bp_phrase_Forum_Demigod

    Hi ĴŏśêÞĦĦěŃ and those having problems accessing the Test server (being redirected),

    With this specific issue you can contact the Customer Care Team. The will be able to assist you in accessing the the Test Server. Once you have been set up with an account you will then be able to access it in the future if you miss this current opportunity. Be sure to include your user id and the server you play on in your message to Support.

    To contact the Customer Care Team Click Here.
  12. TCNiSO

    TCNiSO User

    BP ruined this event for me, I was looking forward to getting the Dragon's Scorn. But now there is this ugly looking new dragon ship and it doesn't even have a special deck for it.
  13. =^ᴥ^=

    =^ᴥ^= User

    yep Dragon's Scorn was much better than this
  14. Wedgewood

    Wedgewood bp_phrase_Forum_Demigod

    The Mushussu deck fits on the new ship. The description for the Mushussu deck had not been updated causing some misunderstanding however it does apply to the newly released ship as well as the Dragon's Scorn.

    I hope this clears up the confusion regarding this new ship and the Mushussu Deck.
  15. So, i have a 20% discount by doing the maps yet, the wrath of celerita ship is still 200k diamonds. Am i missing something? Can we not get this ship for free? What is up? I do have a 20% discount from doing the maps yet the ship is still 200k. Reply a little quickly cause if you can't get the ship for free, i'm not doing the maps.
  16. Wedgewood

    Wedgewood bp_phrase_Forum_Demigod

    This sounds like a display error. The discount should be taking effect on this ship. Please clear your cache and flash cache and see if this display error continues upon logging in.
  17. No, it's still there. I'll get the 100% discount and see if can get it. But as of right now, at 30% discount, the ship costs 200k diamonds.
  18. Wedgewood

    Wedgewood bp_phrase_Forum_Demigod

    Please try the usual troubleshooting procedures such as testing on another browser etc. If the problem persists take screenshots of the bug with the merchant screen open (ship price) and your discount visible. This could then be forwarded to the Customer Care Team if and when you choose to contact them regarding this.

    I hope this is of help! :)
  19. [-Lex-}

    [-Lex-} User

    This looks like an interesting ship, almost want to build it up but have other that come first, unless Big Point would like to give me a lot of diamonds for free.
  20. Well, wedge as of now, the ship is 175k at 30%. and ppl told me that that is correct, so thanks for your help. :)

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