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Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by Grijsbaard, Mar 6, 2019.

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  1. Grijsbaard

    Grijsbaard User

    Ok,I came up with 2 ideas to make the game more interesting

    1.Navy chasing pirates
    The storyline is that a king or nation is tired of having it's ships plundered by pirates and sends a fleet to take care of the problem.
    So at random times and in a random zone 3 ships will appear to hunt down pirates.
    These ships should present a real challenge,the idea is that a single pirate can't beat them,so pirates have to work together or the zone is rendered inhabitable.
    Therefore the ships will be strong (I'm thinking veteran icebeast strength),sail side-by-side,be agressive,have serious firepower (3k?) and have decent speed (13 knots?).
    The fleet will not change zones but will sail towards any pirate the second he enters it.
    These fleets will roam the open pvp waters.
    For limited pvp waters the same idea but with lower specs.
    And for some variation create ships with different colors and sails depicting various national navies.
    Of course,the rewards for beating these ships should be substantial but I have no idea exactly what.I'm sure others will chime in on this :)
    It could be done monthly,weekly or even daily (like colossus)
    It can also be used as a seasonal or annual event or a battleground.Make the fleets even stronger and/or bigger and then form teams of 6 or 8 to try beat them.

    Would appreciate to hear any thoughts,concerns and possible additions/improvements.

    I'll put idea 2 in a 2nd post for clarity.
  2. Grijsbaard

    Grijsbaard User

    This idea is to somewhat help the weaker pirates.
    Add random stormfronts you can sail into.Nothing special,just a dark cloud hovering at a random coordinate.
    Stormfronts will appear at random of course,there's not always a storm after all.
    Now,say you're being chased by a stronger pirate out to kill you and you happen to see such a front nearby.
    You can opt to sail into this front which works as a portal.
    It will teleport you to either the port or a random spot.
    The catch is you have a 75% chance of sinking.And even if you do escape your HP will be nearly diminished.
    It's still better than certain death :)
    Should the attacker opt to follow you into the storm he,of course,runs the exact same risks.
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