Moon set proposal

Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by Estack, Aug 14, 2022.

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  1. Estack

    Estack User

    The moon set is as hard to get as moon steel, I would do a new moon event, with a special area with quest set and moon steel up for grabs.
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  2. HunEss

    HunEss User

    Thats good idea, since in actions, which appear once/twice a month, mostly hackers get moon sets.
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  3. ArcS1n

    ArcS1n User

    Hackers? Which server is this on? What do you mean that only hackers can do? 700.000-900.000 is a good price for a moon deck. 400.000-500.000 is a good price for each part of this set. Any player can collect a million diamonds in 2-3 months of playing by dragon events.
    Maybe you mean that they sit at the auction all night? I'd like to know.
    About the moon steel. I don't think it's much needed. If you upgrade your guns to bombastic, it's a bad idea. It is better to pass the voodoo bonus map, there you are immediately given a bombastic. And to improve the bombastic you already need the essence of fire and not moon steel.
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  4. HunEss

    HunEss User

    Yea, sitting all day and night on just action isnt really doable + i currently have smth about 400k dia on myself
  5. Estack

    Estack User

    With the lunar set you further increase the cannons and it is the third set you can enter.
  6. Estack

    Estack User

    I am collecting diamonds with this event, I have almost reached 50k, can I get the full set?

    -ZETAKIAS- User

    xDD you really think you can get full set with that amount ? you can't get one article with 50k xD I hope you're joking lmao
  8. Estack

    Estack User

    And how much would it take? However it is impossible to take.
  9. Grijsbaard

    Grijsbaard User

    Auctions are unpredictable.I've seen a moon deck go for 40k and I've seen it go for 1 million and more.And that's on an almost dead server.
    Guess if you play on an inactive server and you're lucky you could get a rudder, bulkhead or anchor for under 50k.Figurehead and deck will be more expensive.
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  10. On Dragon Hunt event u can easly go for 100-200 k diamonds , If ure little u can go for vipers in lower maps . Its funny because u think u could get the moon set with 50k diamonds . Few yers ago 1 item was around 1m 1.5m diamonds , nowdays u can bought half price I think.
    If you really want to get moon set u have 3 option :
    1. Farm everyday (colos also )
    2. Dragon Hunt event
    3. Buy diamonds
  11. PSisdead

    PSisdead User

    or only put bot every day
  12. It will result in permanent ban