Missing Summer Icons

Discussion in 'Questions & Bug Reports' started by ♂DeadWater♂, Aug 14, 2022.

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  1. Hello,

    Why we haven't icone wesh ? only pentar still work, where are lodos anansis buthu sobek kirus ?

    Gracias mucho !)
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  2. Hello, a new bug has appeared on your game !!

    The 1st of the battlefields didn't receive their icon apart for pentar.

    We wrote to the support for ask informations and answered :


    Support does not have the nessary tools to fix this issue. However, we have inquired about a possible solution.

    The Forum Team may have more answers for you, as this is a game related issue. The Forum Team generally has more information to share related to game issues that impact all servers. Perhaps the issue has been addressed by the Forum Team.

    Regardless, we have inquired about your issue.

    Your Bigpoint Customer Service Team

    @WaterWillow @Jolly-Bonesjack Do you have information about this issue and if it is going to be fixed ?
  3. Jolly-Bonesjack

    Jolly-Bonesjack Board Administrator Team Pirate Storm

  4. WaterWillow

    WaterWillow Team Leader Team Pirate Storm

    Ahoy Pirates,

    The Development Team is working on the issue of the missing icons. There appears to be a data entry error with regards to the end of the event. The Development Team is hoping that the issue will resolve itself by the 28th, which is the data entered date for the end of the event.

    If you are missing a Battleground Icon, we suggest saving a screenshot of your standing in the Battleground in case it is needed.

    This does not appear to be a continuation of a previous issue, but is new to the many Pirate Storm problems.

    We apologize for the inconvenience. If we receive further updates, we will them here.

    Happy Sailing!
  5. WaterWillow

    WaterWillow Team Leader Team Pirate Storm

    Ahoy Pirates,

    Could players that are missing icons state what Server the issue occurred? It appears that some servers were awarded the icons.

    The information might help to track down any data entry problems.

    Happy Sailing!
  6. If I'm not mistaken about all europe servers (1,2,3 and 4), German server , Latin America 1 , Usa 1.
    Apparently on Arabia 1 they got their icons.
    As I previously said the pentar icons are working on each server.
  7. After the six house event ends, Players who finished in first place did not receive their badges from the respective field played. I hope that the forum team can clarify why it is happening that players did not receive the corresponding badges.

    Server : EUA1

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  8. WaterWillow

    WaterWillow Team Leader Team Pirate Storm

  9. WaterWillow

    WaterWillow Team Leader Team Pirate Storm

    Ahoy Pirates,

    As of now, there has not been an easy fix to the missing icon issue. The person trying to fix the issue is on Holiday until September 11th.

    The Forum Team will keep you updated if we hear more. But, it appears for now, that the issue cannot be fixed. Time will tell.

    Happy Sailing!
  10. Enjoy and ask the team that puts emblems, return with the patents and symbols to the guild...
  11. Then ? we are the 13th
  12. Shirimi

    Shirimi User

    the end rip
  13. WaterWillow

    WaterWillow Team Leader Team Pirate Storm

    Ahoy Pirates,

    It does not appear that the missing summer icon issue can be resolved at this time.

    Happy Sailing!
  14. Shirimi

    Shirimi User

    Summer event is still here we can still buy items from it. Take it off and maybe it will work
  15. WaterWillow

    WaterWillow Team Leader Team Pirate Storm

    Ahoy Shirimi,

    Thank you for the suggestion. The Forum Team has also made this suggestion. It is also our presumption that an overlap of coding is the problem with the current Battlefield issue.

    Happy Sailing!

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