Merry Christmas Gifts!!

Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by YellowHammer, Nov 24, 2018.

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Should gifting be allowed during the winter holiday season?

  1. Yes, you should be able to gift any item

  2. Yes, but gifting of diamonds and gold only--During the Valentine's Day event you can gift items :)

  3. No, I am greedy and keep all the stuff we don't need anyway.

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  1. Bah humbug.

    Too few new players--the ones that we have are getting eaten alive by certain predators.

    I have many extra items, even ships, and if I could gift for Christmas to newbies or new guild mates, I would.

    I would also give gold and diamonds.

    How about it PS--I can see where gifting items might be difficult to program, but, what about gold and diamonds? We can buy them in the Shop so there is already some programming that could be modified. Even if we bought gift cards, that would be ok too.

    Well, not as much fun buying them and sending them to a player as giving extra that I have. i'd like to be able to target a newbie and hit them with a million gold or 1000 diamonds. Then POOF, never know who really hit them in the true spirit of giving :) :) :)
  2. No - it not necessary
  3. Playing this game is not necessary either, but we do it anyway.
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  4. Its not the same!!! Newer players need to learn a work ethic or they are still sponging at lvl 50
    Not everything should be handed to them!!1
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  5. um...if you haven't noticed there is a BIG difference in what Pirate Storm was when you and I started and what it is now. It is extremely top heavy in old cus's like us who were able to earn our piranhas and devastators in the arena, who could get skulls and alll the bloods that those skulls bought. Now there are precious FEW NEWBIES ( go to Carados or Beargound and tell me if you see anyone tarting the game today...or tomorrow or in a week's time.)

    Why would they stick around and try to play a game that was based on player vs player contact when it was created, but that now has zilch such contact for them unless you are saying their role is solely to be targets for the old timers and be sunk repeatedly anytime they try to go into open seas?

    Do you even remember port wars? REAL port wars when there were always other players of similar levels attacking each other for the heck of it--and getting skulls all the time? Do you remember actual Battle Grounds were the newbies would enter and hopefully get off the last shot on an event ship to get the skulls even though they were sunk repeatedly as newbies? I got my piranha that way. I got it and got sunk repeatedly BUT, there were other players of similar levels to me so I wasn't just treated like a wretched NPC.

    You say that they have no work ethic when there is no one else they can hit, rarely a BG, rarely anyone similar to them even in an arena?

    What game have you been playing because no one could ever say that for most of the servers in PS. Lattam1 is the only one that a newbie might be able to thrive like we used to.

    I have a fully skull upgrade equipped Piranha that I do not use, i would gladly give that to a newbie. Without the captains orders and seals (which are player based, not ship based) it is still a useful ship and would sure help give them a fighting chance against some of the big bad level 40s to 50s who would still sink a newbie in a piranha, but, at least it would last long enough for a new player to learn something.

    Cry no fair all you want--the ONLY reason there are no skull items nor skulls to buy them is because it was horning into PS's diamond sales. Unfortunately for the game, PS really didn't care, they got rid of the skull ships, piranha, orca etc and those upgrades that you could buy for them. When they did that it made it dang near impossible for a newbie to be much more than bait past the restricted combat zones.

    Bah, work ethic my foot.

    Christmas happens once a year and I believe that giving unused and unwanted items then might just make a difference in this game.
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  6. Looks like vast majority want to be able to gift for Christmas, a few want to on Valentines Day too.

    Moderators: does PS look at these survey posts and consider changes to the game from them?
  7. Jolly-Bonesjack

    Jolly-Bonesjack Board Administrator Team Pirate Storm

    Ahoy YellowHammer

    Moderators pass all ideas that players have to the developing team.
    It is up to them to what changes are made to the game.

    Is there anything else we can help you with?
  8. como sempreeeeee