Merge the servers ??????

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by SaltoGaming, Jul 16, 2021.

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Who wants to merge the servers ?

  1. Merge the servers

    142 vote(s)
  2. Let the game die

    4 vote(s)
  1. kidzao1

    kidzao1 User

  2. perez_025

    perez_025 User

    Merge the servers is the best solution for the game ;)
  3. manux2014

    manux2014 User

  4. =KISS=

    =KISS= User

    Merge the servers
  5. rick36

    rick36 User

    Merge the servers please!!
  6. Sabio

    Sabio User

    Merge the servers
  7. please let's merge the servers
  8. Merge the servers
  9. Miltou

    Miltou User

    Merge the server please !!
  10. -=HELIOS=-

    -=HELIOS=- User

    please merge the servers and clean accounts before
  11. FM_storm

    FM_storm User

  12. kokito

    kokito User

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  13. Judas-

    Judas- User

    Merging the servers seems the best option.
    Too bad the programmers who are now do not know or update the system. If they know where they have their right hand, they are still capable of doing something, or not.
  14. vaggelas

    vaggelas User

  15. JK_MT

    JK_MT User

  16. JK_MT

    JK_MT User

  17. imadrian

    imadrian User

    But i think there some problems, first of all you have to thinks about players that have more captain profile all around the server
    Ex: ACCOUNT1
    +-> PROFILE 1 EU1 level 50
    +-> PROFILE 2 EU2 level 40
    +-> PROFILE 3 EU3 level 7
    You have to separete all this profile from the main account, so you have to transform all profile in account that is the best option (than you have to choose if an e-mail can have registered more profile or if the player have to choose different e-mail for each profile) but it cost a lot of time or you just impose at players tho choose one of the profile and then delete the other one, worse solution ever.
    So in each case they have to manipulate the DATABASES date (that can be risky).

  18. It would take time yeah, but we just want some informations, even if they announce it for end of the year or something it would be already very good for us
  19. @WaterWillow @Jolly-Bonesjack Hello, could you pass the link of this topic to those who decide about the future of the game ? after all those sad years for this game we deserve some answers
  20. WaterWillow

    WaterWillow Team Leader Team Pirate Storm

    Ahoy BestAccountSoFar,

    Many months ago, I compiled a list from the Update & Idea Section for suggested improvements to the game. This included the merging of the servers. I did not receive any response back worthy of posting. However, there has been discussion on the merging of the servers. The topic has been discussed, but no definitive decision has been made.

    When we hear something worthy of posting, we will make an announcement in the Announcement Section.

    Happy Sailing!