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Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by [[$TAR$CR3AM]], Jul 13, 2016.

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put 2 servers together

Poll closed Jan 18, 2019.
  1. YES

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  2. NO

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  1. PaganHorde

    PaganHorde User

    DOW is smallest problem. I mean all then fast shooters on other servers. And other bugs and hacks. USA is very clean near all others.
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  2. AndreyRey

    AndreyRey User

    Pro or mergeing
  3. Hey Bigpoint since its all about the MONEY for your company which is easy to see by us players you might as well merger the servers. You will make alot more money for your greedy company cause people will return to play. Aint that what YOU want more MONEY ???????
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  4. I wont give them a penny more...
  5. isl.27.12

    isl.27.12 User

    Hello everyone! So I used to play this game a lot at nights with my friends when I was younger,it was really fun because there were a lot of players,new events being added ,new thing coming to the game . Now the game LACKS PLAYERS ,there are so few players that you can't even play in arena or BF,2 years ago the maps were full of players. It's such a shame that people are making dozens of fake accounts so they can win the destroyer at the end of the season ,also now destroyers are so common but 2-3 years ago if you saw one you couldnt wait to tell your friends.

    So in my opinion you should close all servers and make only 2 or one server,what's the point of having 6-7 servers of 50 players each when you can make one server containing over 400 players,that would be really fun,the players will come back to the game and as players number increase you should add more servers because now noone wants to start from 0 when other players are full .

    Please ,think about this because I really don't want this game to die
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  6. Asuka

    Asuka User

    What you're suggesting is unfortunatley falling on deaf ears... sad truth
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  7. isl.27.12

    isl.27.12 User

    I really wonder why is that? Are the admins too lazy to do that or what's the point?
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  8. Aurelius27

    Aurelius27 User

    This idea was oppened in 2016. Now, explain me how to expect something...
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  9. NaG[BG]

    NaG[BG] User

    Do the merge or start fresh server.. Look at DarkOrbit what they are doing.
  10. We were asking them to merge some of the servers in 2015--us1 in particular was dying but the players that were left really wanted to play--they couldnt get an arena match or a BG. Sound familiar? I remember Arabia1 as being pretty dead too. Server merges have been suggested many times and I wonder why that can't happen--maybe all the fake accounts clogging them up?
  11. alihybat

    alihybat User


    imposible all server be in one server, game is dead and in all server just some players playing if all server will be one game will be better.

    best regards...
  12. monkei1

    monkei1 User

    Create Europe 5 or do everything in 1 server and then the game will die it will be better if you create a new and not to follow all the servers and only 1 that was not not any problems and then the game will be back on track bring back pvp rating make a game in 2015 and then there will be problems with respect ✯ḾåĴåŠŧأķ✯
  13. Manson

    Manson User


    im from Germany 1. Im also a player of darkorbit(bpgame). In darkorbit the servers are currently being merged(because of inactivity). Why we cant do that in PS? You could also bring back the pvpsystem and fix all diabugs. PvP points should be set to 0 and all guilds should be deleted. That would be a mega cool start for a new mixxed server. And pls bring not the old pvp system, the new one was a lot better.

  14. us1 too dead now please marge all server we dont even have enough player to run 2v and 3v for items on us1
  15. Eclips

    Eclips User

    Bigpoint will not merge the servers anytime soon. This is too complicated and takes to much time, I guess. The best you can do is play on another server. I think Eu3 is the most active, but I'm not sure tough. Goodluck anyway!
  16. Soyuno

    Soyuno User

    join all the servers in Europe to start, and try to start another season of pvp on that server, so there will be people, the new people who join EU1 EU2 EU3 and EU4 get bored because there is no people connected and they leave the game because they they bore alone and 2 go to the sand and there are no people, I ask them that if they see new people they are given the sands, this juegi ahun can be reborn
  17. good idead, and all chatters in the same server = in the same guild ? super lol
  18. Soyuno

    Soyuno User

    [QUOTE = "= MC = ALBATOR =, post: 155016, member: 45213"] idead bueno, y todos los chatters en el mismo servidor = en el mismo gremio? super lol [/ QUOTE]
    I think it would be fine, the biggest mistakes were corrected, although some are missing, that gives a reflection that means that bigpoint ahun works here, if the servers are together there will be people in both good and bad arenas, talk battles, and they should only solve the bug of the map budú.
  19. شآنكس

    شآنكس User

    plz fix pvp
  20. when bigpoint fix all bug on game and make fusion of all servers ?

    we want know, we need answer, say us please !!

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