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Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by [[$TAR$CR3AM]], Jul 13, 2016.

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put 2 servers together

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  1. I love it when someone avoids the tropic of discussion and instead dumps a sarcastic comment without counterarguments.

    He got valid points and I understand his frustration. The arena and BG's simply won't work without enough players, so a server merge would fix it temporarily. The problem is that these updates dosen't give ''fun'' in the game, just mathematical unfavorable deals like minigame or new arena items that wastes time and money.

    I agree that he lacks new idea's, but its demotivational to keep coming with them, when the company igores everything.

    Updates I like were workshop, new maps, abilities.

    It's easy to make a new idea - why not (from my point of view) make a special new bonus map craftable in workshop with NPC's with abilities?

    Or new arena items like ''canon: deal 18+x damage, where x is nr. of players on the map''?
    Or ''when someone has same ship as you, you deal 8 % more damage to them, but receive 4 % damage from ships not of your class''

    The dev's just need to show that their interested, we have come up with many idea's, now we just need to scream like babies to get their attention. I dont know what else to do.
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    ANIKHTE User

    the problem is the game does not need new updates
    the game needs to fix arena, battlegrounds, bullying of new players, pvp ranking system

    fix that and make the game playable and fun for all
    then new players that start the game will continue and not loose them in day 2, thats profit bigpoint having people that will actually play the game

    all the concept of lock limited items destroyed the game, the dow fixed the arena, and now is so fixed and blocked we do not have matches to unlock the arena items, so putting new items in a feature that does not work will not make that feature to work.
    i played long time arena yesterday and half of the time i was blocked
    THANK YOU BIGPOINT for dealing with the real issues in arena

    even if they make a new fantastic new power?? or a new item
    does it really worth for a new player to get it??
    i will spend my diamonds buy them and then wait ohhhhhhh yes thats right no arena because i am blocked, battleground wait 30 sec it finished!??!?!?? the abuse of the duel system and arena to make peopel use 7 lunar when attack an island and thus killing it
    so adding features to a dead horse it will still be a dead horse
    make the game worth playing

    i imagine there are many people that liked to play battlegrounds but now they can not, (unbalanced teams, players in your team refuse to play to fix the battleground), others like more to play arena but now they can not

    and i will say it again it is not a matter of money it is a matter of quantity
    when there will be 54 dow and 13 lunar deck per year it does not matter if they are sold 100 diamonds or 10 million diamonds
    it will still be 54 new dow and 13 new lunar deck per year

    the game made an elit that used that extra firepower to destroy the game

    all items needs to be open to all
    but not all items need to be cheap
    unlock the dow for all and put it 1million diamonds
    unlock the lunar deck and put it 1m diamonds
    that how the company will make money

    you want to be among the strongest and willing to pay you get the ship and the deck you do not want it will be up to you
    noone is going to complain
    because the game will be open to all

    now they made a game for 13 people per year
    and thats why the number of people playing is low
    because it is the number of people the game actually is made for

    the only way
    arena will be fixed noone is going to fix it, or block it anymore
    and the company is going to make diamonds form selling dows
    so simple but the company refuse to see the obvious

    as long you limit the game artificial with locked limited items you will have limited players in the game
    people could not get the dow and they left the game in massive numbers, when you will get this??
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  3. MERGE THE SERVERS AND *RESET* THE PVP RANKING. The pvp ranking would then be actual players--not the ghosts of Christmas Past.

    NO other battle game I have ever seen allows dead accounts to clutter up the ranking, nor do they allow ranks to continue on forever without resets--usually every month. You have to earn your ranking, every month. Amazingly, that encourages battles, wars, consumption of ammo and extras like bloods--it actually makes some games profitable. This also spreads that profit out evenly over all active players--not just a few who have the money to bid on absurdly expensive items that wreck the strategy of the game.

    And if there is anyone left on the arabia server, I think they should be the ones to answer if their DoWs are up to par with euro1 or euro4.

    OMG! What have I just said?? That we might decide ranks by actual active player battle? Perish the thought.


    ANIKHTE User

    arabia server was the the newest server and the first server to die
    in less than 6 months

    reason. few players with too much money ruined the game. Yes if few spend too much they will ruin the game completely
    when arabia was made many europeans moved there so they will have a chance to be on top pvp and a chance for dow
    so this players was telling us what was happening there

    a few saudi arabia person was farming with arena cannonball!?!?!??! and where do bullying at extreme
    everyone that show sink egain and again. giving no chance to people t farm
    in this new server with people not having a big ship and not all battleground splayed
    they had 1 guild killing all the other guilds because of the absurd use of items

    so people faced 2 options stop the game completely or change server. some done option 1 some done option 2
    if htey merge arabia with any server then than new merge server will be destroyed in the same amount of time

    as it is the game designed right now
    arabia need to be consider a bad idea and abandoned and never try to merge ti with any other server.
    if they try to save this 20 good customers why not call them and sell them priatestorm all together they have the money to buy the game
    and anyway because of their mentality they will be the only 20 that will play

    as i say bullying may not be illegal but will drive people away from the servers
    arabia is complete dead from that
    and euro server suffer from the bullying in the new players that made them stop the game
    at last company took a tiny step to help bullying new player so after 4 months of guild letter 50 giving exp to the player
    one of my recommendation in the forum
    in the past byrades had only super strong artificial low players and no actual new players thank you bullying
    now you see that there are new new players
    not in huge numbers but still the game have new blood
  5. Bring on the bullies. I am difficult to sink when I want to be. I am even more successful at taking my attacker down--and no matter how big they are I will keep coming back until I do if necessary. If any on arabia want to come to euro1, we will either make room for them in the guild I belong to at present, or, I will resurrect my old guild and give the arabia players (or anyone else who switches servers) a group to help get them stronger.

    I just sent the most boring two days --total of three hours----playing Bigpoints other "pirate game" called SeaFight. We don't have it so bad in Pirate Storm compared to new players in that game. I saw several new ones trying the game and it was sad. I earned some gold, bought sails to go a bit faster--it was sooooo slow. Not only did the sails not increase speed, but when I logged in the next day they were gone. Tried to buy a slightly upgraded ship---game took my gold, no ship. Apparently you have to be a certain level to upgrade a ship even if you've earned the gold but there is nothing in the game that tells you this.

    Bigpoint--if you need the bandwidth to merge Pirate Storm servers, just dump the Seafight game--it is terrible.
  6. Merrrgggggeee thhhheeee Daaaammmmmm Serrrrvvveeerrrrs, or don't, and say goodbye to Prem money. Your choice.
  7. Blackwater

    Blackwater User

    Big Point game Dark Orbit has had server merges and open tournaments among servers. This is knowledge you already posess big Point
    get to work and do it
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  8. OMG, they know how to do this and haven't?
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  9. DemonLord

    DemonLord User

    Lol they did it twice already. I thought everyone knew and thats why we were all complaining for a server merge.
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  10. Well....if they are not responding to this request and not posting even an acknowledgement in here that it is being under consideration I'd say we are done.

    It could be that the transfer of ownership from BigPoint to Youzu has made Youzu concentrate, for now, on more profitable BP games but I hope whom ever is assigned to develop PS realizes that the forums are our voice. Who better to help bring the game back than those who are playing it?

    Doesn't look good for PS...pity, what a great game.
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  11. I'm just gonna spam till they do it. DO IT. DO. IT
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  12. how about it, PS? 29 votes say yes do it. One fool obviously can't read :p


    925 (that is nine hundred and twenty five) VIEWS SINCE THE THREAD OPENED IN MID JULY.

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  13. sauce

    sauce User

    Only merge EU1 and EU4 though Pirate Storm, the servers with only 10 players or really inactive would all be op since they can get DoWs much easily along with Bloodmoon deck etc. It would be unfair if 20 Maxed DoWs suddenly joined a server.
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    ANIKHTE User

    4 years eu4 13 auctions per year thats 52 maxed dow from eu4
    and you are worried for 20????
  15. sauce

    sauce User

    How do you know all the 52 are active?
  16. 925 views, on my thread, Not bad. Come on, Youza, Do it.

    ANIKHTE User

    you can do it
  18. I have a feeling there are far more than 52 DoWs (legit and otherwise)...and anyone having an actual legit DoW and leaving the game is probably going to either give it to someone or sell the account after all you have to do to get one
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    ANIKHTE User

    do not use the forbidden words in the forum

    while the german manager has no clue what is happening in his one company,
    and he is all proud to say left and write, that his guidelines to not allow selling buy accounts
    and as the support informs him is impossible to happen
    he was shocked to find out that selling accounts is easy and wide spread tactic in piratestorm

    he then said head will roll and this will be corrected
    the only head i see so far missing is his head and that bigpoint was sold lol

    as in the forum is a forbidden word that will lead you to be banned
    get your post deleted or edited
    and the thread locked

    because removing the word sell from the forum
    is the only way this company thinks will stop the sell in the game

    and the 52 was for dow with lunar deck because the question was maxed out dow
    but my sources says that we have far more than 52 lunar deck in eu4
    because some people got it as they get the dow

    and the support
    oh yes the support
    know how exactly it cost for that extra lunar deck
    and it did not cost them diamonds
    just a bank wire transfer

    but but but
    the support knows
    and the manager is still surprised and embarrassed
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  20. The truth shall set you free :) Actually you are correct DoW with bloodmoon and all decks are maxed out--except now we have new moon items that can be added so the bloodmoon deck without the enhancements is not yet a maxed out DoW.

    As to undeveloped DoWs however they got here--they are fun to sink. It is like "Look at me, I am a badazz DoW" and then boom they are deciding if they ressurect with gold or with diamonds. Kind of like a level 15 player finally getting out of the War Brig and getting a piranha and thinking they are hot or dias?

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