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Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by [[$TAR$CR3AM]], Jul 13, 2016.

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put 2 servers together

Poll closed Jan 18, 2019.
  1. YES

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  1. I think doing something to combine more players into one server would be a great idea, how it is done and how it boils down will probably be something everyone has some type of complaint about no matter what but it would be great to have more players on the game.
  2. MaxGrand

    MaxGrand User

    86 players in daily pvp yesterday and no telling how many of those are real accounts or not. Stop the insanity and merge the servers and give the players a experience worth playing. Good grief I have offered support to pay to move my account to another server, they will not even take my money.
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  3. DemonLord

    DemonLord User

    I tried the same XD
  4. USA 1 server is inactive server, inactive arena, bg, pvp and island...I need your answer if you like merge the servers, i'll show to BP how many people like to merge the servers or want to merge the servers...We need have more fun..most new players can't earn BG coins, because not many people to ready up...
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  5. ^Tomahawk^

    ^Tomahawk^ User

    I would think that if one server was full of pirates, that the pirates would be willing to buy items to stay competitive. Near empty servers there's no reason to. I would think BP would have figured this marketing strategy long time ago.
  6. BG got no excuse to ignore this suggestion, when all of the active playerbase wants it! It would be much more fun. But as always, just another sign that the BP-team ignore (dosen't even comment) everything from their customers and instead focuses on milking the high-paying-customers even harder with unliked features for the common pirate.
  7. PaganHorde

    PaganHorde User

    Yes, there are over 40 merge topics and the zero response. It is extremely lame!

    ANIKHTE User

    well there is a response
    the company ignores all efforts to make the game effort
    and tries to close it
    problems in arena talk about them in forum get banned lol
    well the rules and regulations are so vein that if you talk about the game negative you can be banned
    so who is saying the game has too few players?????
  9. The message says that the Battle is full but in reality it definately is not full on the us server--and several others too. I am seeing BGs running on euro1, euro4 and the latin american server and that is about it

    ANIKHTE User

    the full message is misleading
    because according to the company there is no maximum number of battleground or arena that be held at a given time
    there are some restrictions of how many minimum players are needed to make a battleground

    so the correct message ought to be

    the rest is a bad stand to turn black into white
    but the abuse in language descriptions shows a lot about the mendality of the company towards the players
  11. Anikhte's forum troll post #1742

    ANIKHTE User

    so you do not find the message wrong and misinformation of the true???
    at least i write my thoughts
    you are only making personal empty attacks
    who is the troll is clear and evidence in this forum

    do you actually have any opinion to any of the topics talked in the forum
    or just lurks for personal attacks??
  13. PaganHorde

    PaganHorde User

    He perhaps thinks that the majority of your posts are screaming bla bla. Thereby you do not offer solutions. every fool knows how to simple critize.. Constructive criticism is that it is necessary...

    ANIKHTE User

    criticism is always productive
    talking and replaying for the sake of just doing that is not a criticism, nor productive , nor intelligence

    everyone needs to have an opinion
    but you need to defend your opinion
    i do not like what you say for reasons ...
    if you do not have any reasons then you do not dislike nro like what i say its inconclusive

    well it would be the best to talk with 1 sentences but that not the case
    and not how is language works
    i say may opinion and the reasons i made that opinion

    and in the end it will come down to numbers
    how many think like me and what kind of support they give to the company and how many they are and what support they give to the company

    talks are cheap and many that talk just to talk spent no money in the game nor will ever will and they make tun of people that spent money in the game and support the company.

    that the company does not like the situation of the game is obvious with the new context they add to the game
    if company was so pleased they will not have any reason to put any updates

    the problem is all new updates are 1 big failure after another with no reason of existence in the first place
    1. ursus a failure new battleground that entered the game non functional and thus making the players angry
    2. dragon event the new items and the mini game that made all the players really angry with he company, not for the items but for the mini game implementation
    3. arena items complete useless

    the people that make decisions for the game have no touch with reality not with the game they actual develop
    how many failures and public outcry the company needs to take to actual do something positive for the game??

    what is next make 11 pounders cannons and have a big announcement??? new cannon in the game???
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  15. mini game was cool but they had the wins to high for the deck that was the only bg is all right for older players just not new ones.have u even unlocked the new items to see if they are good yet?doubt it so yes it does seem u just come here to vent which is getting old do u have to write a story every time. u act like bp hasnt been this way since the start.u do seem to write more then u play but to each his own and for the love of god merge servers please

    ANIKHTE User

    cool mini game but high to win??
    so you agree it was a bad implementation of the mini game

    i have 340 coins and stop playing because i do not need more coins

    and i do not need to unlock the items to see if they worth or not
    because i see their stats and their description
    and what i said about the ursus power?? that is a bad power noone is going to buy
    so have you bought the ursus power???
    or can you elaborate who unlocking an item is the only way to see if it worth it
    next what you will say that i need to buy ursus and test it to see if it worth it??

    you know by reading what exactly every item is doing and by seeing what the power bonus has to offer
    you can see if something is good bad
    and ursus is plain awful power
    the same applies to buthu
    noone is going to buy buthu to have its ship shoot slower it makes no sense i do not need to unlock buthu items to know that nor i need to buy buthu power to know it is awful

    and for the fun i play more than i write
    but making wild accusations is easy when you simple want to make a reply to a reply

    as tor ursus being okey for the odl players i remember in this same forum when i complain that the ursus was brought broken into the game the majority of the people in the forum agreed that the battleground was buggyy

    so a battleground that does not work was okey for noone :p
    and unfortunately some of the bugs in ursus still apply in the battleground

    or was not bad for old and new players alike the 0 coins in urus?? because even old players were getting zero??
    i was in a battleground all other player with a dow and because of the zero coins some of the DOW got zero coins
    so getting zero coins affecting bother new players and old and because battleground was new and all needed the coins it was not okey for old players

    but because i start a topic and i protest in english and spanish forum now all get at least 1 coin
    so lets no complain and lets have ursus as first was introduced and see even old players having problem to get coins
    how fun it would have been

    and by the way old players go for medal new player only care for the coins
    so 2 different categories with different goals
    so you can actually have all of them pleased and now that all get coin everyone is pleased
    ursus now is okey for new and old players
  17. Did anyone actually win that mini game deck? I did figure the odds and I had a better chance of winning the California Lottery.

    I bought the Lottery ticket.
  18. yes on usa sever and he won it in 4 tries lol in those 4 times he hit 9 twice crazy sht
  19. Mr_4MIR

    Mr_4MIR User

    Unfortunately, the game is very quiet.
    Please open the charm of the game server to play more to become a member.
    And also to remove restrictions on Iranian users can play
    Thanks for your good game

    ANIKHTE User

    well now you want a real answer???
    the choose one in eu4 got it in the first day
    the normal ones got nothing

    so there where winners but they were the usual people
    the mini game was a huge failure from the company
    turned the game into a gambling game when they do not have a permission to run as on-line casino
    at same time players do not have doubloons because it is lottery and illegal but mini game was okey
    (the company was asked in the forum in support many times and from many different people about this
    the company refused to give any answer)

    no comments
    the people with IQ understand the magnitude of failure the mini game was

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