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Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by [[$TAR$CR3AM]], Jul 13, 2016.

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put 2 servers together

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  1. 1jaguar1

    1jaguar1 User

    Cześć Arch-567
    Grasz tylko na serwerze eu2?
  2. Đestiny

    Đestiny User


    I came back to the game after few years of break and the servers seems kinda dead? Or atleast the europe 3 looks like it.

    I wanna ask what server is active or which of them the most and IF there are any plans for server merge for more players?

    Then about pvp system. I see that when I kill someone I still can get skulls and pvp points so my question is if there gonna be some pvp reward again or something new with the pvp? (maybe new year when the launcher is released) ?

    Thanks for answers ;)
  3. WaterWillow

    WaterWillow Team Leader Team Pirate Storm

    Ahoy Đestiny,

    When the Forum Team receives any updates concerning the game, we always post in the Forum. We have not heard any news concerning a new PVP Season.

    Happy Sailing!
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  4. quintomoro

    quintomoro User

    Sorry, I have the same problem. Back from a long pause and now server europe 2 (where I was strong) is offline and on server 4 and america latina (the only available) I have to start from beginning.
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  5. Hello
    the eu2 server is not offline because I am playing on it when I speak to you
    But yes the game is dead now because bigpoint does not want to move to do something so it will stay like that now there will be no improvements from them! Already it's a big miracle that he's made the launcher: D
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    • seriously that bigpoint doesn't care about this game? man this is one of the best flash play games i've ever seen, i think they should rethink there are still people who buy packages to get moons on the server (latam 1) ...

    please bigpoint help us get back on track.

    • and if possible, put a server host for us closer to Brazil because we are with +/- 270 ms ...
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  6. Hello everyone or good evening (depends on when you see this message)
    We've been hearing about server mergers for a few years ... do we want to know as players that this is true ?? will there really be a server merger? If true, when will this merger take place?
    Each server loses players every year and there are fewer and fewer.
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  7. Qwantum4

    Qwantum4 User

    there will be no server merger...
    maybe there will be no update either
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  8. If they really don't want to do anything with the game, they could sell it to another company, than let it die and close it after 2-3 years because it has no more players.
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  9. Qwantum4

    Qwantum4 User

    I don't think there are any developers
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  10. lmaxb

    lmaxb User

    Maybe do someting?
  11. We all know that the game is dying so the best the company (bigpoint) can do is to merge the servers so that this game again
  12. Hello, many peoples are still playing in Pirate Storm and some of them keep spending money while we don't know anything about the future of this game which is not fair at all, i honestly don't know what you are waiting to make something but a merge of servers would be the best solution regarding the activity in all the servers. This game have a very good potential, way more than you guys think(at least it seems) but since many years you "decided" to let it die which is very sad. The subject of my message is simple, listen to the players and give us the informations that we are looking for !! MERGE THE SERVERS.
  13. seznam5

    seznam5 User

    The best idea for the continuation of this game is to merge servers and make them one server
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  14. WaterWillow

    WaterWillow Team Leader Team Pirate Storm

    Ahoy Pirates,

    Normally, the Forum Team does not moderate this Section.

    We would suggest that players not create duplicate Threads about the same topic. Multiple threads do not mean more attention. Often, it results in the duplicate thread being deleted.

    It is okay to be passionate concerning the merging of servers. But, please post your passion in this thread.

    Happy Sailing!
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  15. 1jaguar1

    1jaguar1 User

    Merge the servers EU2 AND EU1 best active
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  16. We want a merge of servers please :D
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  17. WhitePower

    WhitePower User