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Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by [[$TAR$CR3AM]], Jul 13, 2016.

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put 2 servers together

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  1. YES

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  1. Magnumwar2

    Magnumwar2 User

    Online is low sinse CHinese are brainded ..can ye devs make one server for game so that those who still play the game could just be on 1 server?
  2. chav

    chav User

    good ideea but nothing happen from Bp
  3. Ever since the future of Chinese team ever bigpoint game is not getting better , but pirate storm killed before chinise equip , but chenise equip killed seafight
  4. Atlantis wher are you play ? eu2 ?
  5. yuio99

    yuio99 User

    I realized that those at bigpoint no focus on Pirate Storm(excluding events are put automaticaly), only on seafight, it is that true because seafight makes a bigger profit, but I think that also Pirate made a considerable profit. Us we like this game and many has left the servers because that are empty and full of bugs.Try to do something, anything to bring players back to fill servers as they once, and you will we see growth from all point ( Players and Profit).
    P.S 1. IT s just my opinion!!!

    P.S 2.Si de ce ati scos forumu Romanesc??????????
  6. Kalyps0

    Kalyps0 User

    its a shame this game is awesome but it needs more player..
  7. @WaterWillow do you maybe know something about this topic ? I do not understand why nobody cares about this game !?
    Just merge the servers and fix the doubleshot and the lightbug and everything would be fine again... BP would get a lot of cash again and everyone would be happy. I only have one more question: WHAT IS SO DIFFICULT AT THIS SERVER MERGE ?
  8. StormKidd

    StormKidd User

  9. sasacar98

    sasacar98 User

    piratestorm 100x better and more beautifull then seafight, fix it
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  10. zarflyn

    zarflyn User

    I do like to return to play but the game seems almost empty not even one person say hello in global chat on eu.1, sad.
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  11. alipaddy

    alipaddy User

    play both seafight and this game and have to say this game is better more quieter more events and more maps and ammo here with out buying everything i do admit it is a shame that this server could do with looking into a bit more and some attention with it too maybe in future this may happen
    happy sailing
  12. Kalyps0

    Kalyps0 User

    This games needs only a few ingredients :

    Fix the indestructible hacked islands.
    Return original PVP system.
    Revive the social media pages and the forum.

    To not do it is just lazy and uncaring.. thats no big deal, could be done in a day with a bit of will.
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  13. .ovidiu79.

    .ovidiu79. User

    Hello. Proposal for merging servers.
    I propose, at least for the experiment, to unite 4 servers of Europe into 2. Playing players I will write to the support service about the account recovery, let's say from 4th Europe to 2 Europe. Thus, playing players will be in the asset. Not playing in the passive, out of 10 million registered players in the asset there will be a maximum of 5-10 thousand from four Europe
  14. yes need merging eu4 battelground we have 1-2 different BG so maximum 20 people play... only 150-200 players play BG for 1 weak ... and this is not because it is not interesting.. this stat. show real online..
  15. Now the bug is gone. So merging the servers will be the best thing to do here. Also we need some more Admins and the game is active and nice again ( also a lot more profit for bigpoint ). But I have no idea why bigpoint have let this game that badly... That is really sad.
  16. arch-567

    arch-567 User

    Perhaps the question is: What will happen when browsers no longer accept Flash Player?

    Let's imagine that they migrate everything to HTML5 or even create a version to download to the computer and in the process they solve all the bugs (which I doubt due to the investment that they would have to make).

    There arises the question of how to keep the accounts/Ships and improvements of the players who play or have played on several servers. For example, imagine that a player has in EU1 Destroyer and ahab; EU2 Gladiator, Orca, Piranha; EU3: Ahab, Frostbrand, Piranha, Gladiator and Destroyer the question is how could you conserve all your ships and improvements.
    Even if they found a solution for that, they would need to "move" all Guilds, accounts with all their ships, Items, improvements, gold, diamonds to the chosen server, which would take a long time and will need more employees for that task.

    For those who do not know, back in 2015-2016 (although there were already bugs) the game had a large community of players, moderators and developers who worked hard and tried to solve those errors, but... In March 2016, the developer was acquired by Youzu Interactive (GTArcade) in an € 80 million ($ 89.68 million) stock buyout (, since then they made many cuts and the staff of the game was almost eliminated (developers and moderation team) which caused that several "habitual problems" of the game were not solved, in addition they eliminated the excellent forums (except the German forum and the UKUSA) in other languages like for example Portuguese (Cioran, Anne Bonny), Spanish (Escila, Jupiter), Italian (Epsylon) and those of other large communities such as the French, Russian, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Turkish, etc ... From all communities besides of reporting weekly bugs and problems, all the ideas and suggestions of the players were also sent to the central office in Germany but almost none of the ideas of the community were taken into account nor the bugs solved.
    Yes, they changed the pvp system, and eliminated from the shop the items of PvP/skulls (Piranha, Barracuda, Orca, great warrior cannons) and several things were invented for people to spend their money buying more diamonds such as: black dragon scales, loadouts, new items, and something else ...

    This is how things are ... It is a pity that this great game and its large community of players, with which they earned a lot of money, has been abandoned to their fate ...

    Sorry for my English, it's not my primary language.

    Greetings from Spain and Enjoy the Game!
  17. Art_Of_War

    Art_Of_War User

    Hey guys

    If they dont merge servers, this game is going to die. If it isn't already dead :(
  18. Yes, Please do it.
  19. Or maybe merge 3 or more servers? YES!
  20. ı think we need merge server

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