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Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by _BloodSeeker_, May 6, 2022.

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What you think is more important to bring game back alive?

  1. bring back PVP system

  2. Item balances

  3. Bring back legacy ships

  4. Auction balances

  5. Remove some consumables

  6. Bring back in game chat

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  1. First of all, Ive always been a big fan of this game. I remember so fondly the guild wars, the insane pvp in map 7, the friends I made
    and many more remarkable memories. No matter how much time has passed, I always come back to check the game and play a while (and Im
    pretty sure most players share this feeling too). Thats the addicting power of Piratestorm and thats why I think its a waste to let the game die.

    To the developers:
    I work in a software company and I honestly know the feeling of working with many projects and how it feels overwhelming to manage all of them.
    And I know its natural to let some old projects slowly die and focus more in new ones. Not saying this is Piratestorm case because I cant judge this matter,
    I dont know what happens in your company, how many employees you have available, etc, so I wont be unfair. The point is, I believe you guys have a really nice
    and addicting game. We players believe in it. And we all believe that with some work Piratestorm can bring old and new players (and become profitable again).
    Its because of these feelings that I come here to show my suggestions to ressurrect the game and I really hope everyone take the time to read it carefully

    1) Sometimes, less is more
    What makes a game pleasurable to play? Its the feeling that if you work in it, you're going to progress (and you're going to enjoy the result of this progress).
    This work can be done with playtime or with real money. Thats one of the ways a game makes money, people paying to skip time. If you put some non cosmetic items behind a paywall
    thats when you start killing your game. Every player must feel he is capable of getting as strong as the top server players if he works hard and without spending real money. In
    Piratestorm case, cant say it is a pay-to-win since every item is virtually possible to get with effort. But there are two problems here. First, too many consumables were added to the game.
    The amount of resources a player can get by playing is very limited and in the other hand there are just too many necessary consumable items right now to stay competitive, bloods, rockets, buffs, etc. Whats the result?
    The player feels he HAS to play, not for fun, not for progress, just to keep playing. Otherwise the gap between him and other players will be huge. It feels like a job and no game should feel like this.
    Take example from bloods. I dont know the exact numbers but a full ship without bloods is around 40k HP. With all the bloods released so far it can get to around 80k HP. The difference is massive.
    Despite the fact you can buy them, you'll find yourself playing just to keep buying things you're going to spend and if you dont buy you stay behind. Thats a negative feeling that shouldnt be there.
    Second problem, moonset. Unlike consumables, its a one time thing you must get to really be a top server player. The question is, despite its virtually buyable without money, the auction is so manipulated by players who
    already have moonset/ or bid and dont actually take the item that, in practice, its only obtainable by a non-paying player through years of effort (plus the diamonds you have to save for consumables, the effort curve raises even more).
    Thats another negative feeling that make people lose fun when playing

    2) PVP System
    I was one of the first players who suggested a change in pvp system to a seasonal thing. Because it was impossible for new players to reach pvp prizes since points were cumulative. It was a frustrating mechanic.
    So, the seasonal PVP system was a very positive thing for many reasons. Everyone feels like they have a chance and the strongers or more dedicated are rewarded in the end. The problem here is, of course, there are no more seasons.
    Honestly, I dont understand the reason PVP seasons are gone but if it has something to do with the fact developers now feel they must bring new prizes/ ships every season, honestly, dont bother with it. Its not necessary. Just bringing it back is enough.
    Another minor negative thing is the skull loss when you die. Despite the fact it solves the question with skull exchange between players, losing a somewhat rare resource just feels bad mechanics. In battlefields for example, before this update
    even when you lost the battle you still felt like you won something when you kept skulls. But now part of the fun is gone since basically you kill and die to everyone losing almost everything in the end.

    3) Balance
    Another visible problem now is how the game became unbalanced (consequence of many consumables and item addictions). The biggest part of the fun in
    Piratestorm is player battles, guild invasions, battlefields and arenas. The problem here is... ships became completely overpowered.
    Player battles between late game players became 3 seconds long in certain circunstances, one stun rocket and its over. Defending a guild became almost useless
    because a lone ship can level the base. Some battlefields like anansi last 20 seconds, which is the time for a player to teleport to enemy base, use lunar protection
    and win the battle before the buff wear off. Arenas can take forever because of arena flash, taking all the fun of it. Thats the main point here, the game lacks balance.
    Battles should last more, stuns should last less, defending a guild should have strategy, some items shouldnt exist or just be nerfed.

    4) "Legacy" ships (Optional)
    Not saying this is a huge problem in Piratestorm, but speaking for all the collector players out there, making ships that will never get back is a thing
    that frustrates many players who dream about having all the ships.

    5) New way to make money
    We all know that many consumables and items were added in a clear effort to make people spend more in the game. This is totally acceptable
    since you guys must get paid for your work. But there is the risk for the game to become unbalanced and players leave.
    A very good solution is making cosmetic items. Make them expensive. Make them cost real money. Most players will be ok with that as long as it
    doesnt affect performance. The good part is they dont affect gameplay so theres not much to worry about them. In other hand
    they take time and work so it demands resources.

    6) Server merging
    Thats a very important discussion between players so it is worth mentioning. Honestly I dont know the programming or legal challenges involving this matter.
    Dont know if its even possible considering how the game was implemented. I just know that many people stop playing ironically because theres not much people
    playing. Arenas and battlefields dont call, guild defenses and wars dont have enough people to be fun and these all are the games core. So if possible to implement,
    it can be an acceptable last resort to gather players.


    Considering the points I stated above, here is a list of possible solutions:

    - Nerf or remove some items.

    (Remove some bloods buffs or make them with weaker bonus HP, reduce stun times, increase arena flash cooldown , balance
    ship sets damage to match other ships and constructions HP, etc. This would greatly enhance player battle, arena, battlefield and guild defense quality and enjoyment.
    It would also mitigate the sensation of playing the game like a job since consumables got weaker and ship power means more.)

    - Moonset owners unable to bid in moon auction

    - Auction winners automatically purchase the item

    (Many players bid when they already have moonset just to increase price or disturb rivals. In other cases, people bid just to win auction but dont purchase the item when they see is too
    overpriced. Solving these two problems would make auction more fair and less frustrating.)

    - Keep skulls when you die (lose pvp points is ok)

    - Bring back PVP seasons

    - Bring back legacy ships

    (Not so important, but would be a cool addiction to the game being able to make a collection.
    In halloween event for example, give us the option to buy halloween ship 1 or 2, not both. Its a good way to keep
    people interested and hoping for the next event.)

    - Make cosmetic items costing real money or diamonds


    Considering everything I said, the most important changes are these 3: bringing back pvp system, fix moon auctions and balance some items.
    Solving this is what I think its enough to bring people back to play .
    The rest is optional and less impactating in the game but would be good addictions.
    Hope you guys liked and feel free to comment and make suggestions :)
  2. Jolly-Bonesjack

    Jolly-Bonesjack Board Administrator Team Pirate Storm

    Ahoy _BloodSeeker_,

    The developers, not forum moderators, are responsible for new and old changes to the game. Your concerns with the PVP System and the game have been relayed to them.

    Best Regards!
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  3. MOKA09

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    Server merging would be the best option
  4. PenaBranca

    PenaBranca User

    it would be too good
  5. PenaBranca

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    How nice it would be, if the development team did something, the game is abandoned, I kindly ask you not to let the game die.
  6. ohoh pirates, how are you!!, very interesting that there