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Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by Newbiee, Oct 15, 2018.

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  1. Newbiee

    Newbiee User

    Hey there BP forum staff,

    Recently I had an idea. As making quick progress in this game require either to add real funds to the game or spend your whole time into the game you may consider adding extra bonuses for players below level 25-30. My ideas are:

    1. Making diamonds grind for players below 25-30 easier. Make ships in maps 5-12 to add extra diamonds to these players.
    2. Bring back XP reduce to 0 when using letter 50. That will make new players to gain strength before facing real opponents.
    3. Make events for maps 1-13 - only available for players with level between 1-25.
    4. Instead of trying to create new content bring new ideas to the old one - like adding more benefit on voodoo map when player below level 25-30 is completing it. (10 bombastics + 10 nails + 10 seals)
    5. Make premium to give 1 voodoo map piece per day along 1 seal and old stuff.

    Along that - when there are great amount of players between 1-30 level split the battlefields into two:
    By doing that chance of new player or less stronger players to face the guys with DoWs is reduced to bits.
    Also, make arena DoWs available for players above level 30 and few more prerequisites(like having 150-200 seals) That will reduce buying/pushing.

    Also, make Ahab killing Ahab to give 10-11 skulls and PvP points to the winner and taking 50% of them from the loser.

    Knowbiee, Europe 3
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  2. toko652003

    toko652003 User

    Good idea, but there is no one to do it :)
  3. Eclips

    Eclips User

    Sounds really good but I have one point of critic.

    What if a player is level 25, full bombastic, full items, full ship ect (This is possible because guildletter 50) Does these kind of players get those advantages as well? Because then level 30+ are in a disadvantage. And if there is a battleground for players below level 30, then the stronger level 30s will ruin for it as well for the little players.

    In my opnion, I think bigpoint should promote making XP and levels, like better reward everytime you pass a level.
  4. Newbiee

    Newbiee User

    You are wrong. How many of these you think you can have? 5? 10?
    Now, how many people at level 50 with enormous amount of lvl 3 bombastics, consumables and full blood moon set you have?
    I think the chance of having lvl 25 with fully equipped ship is less than having 50 lvl account with everything you can imagine in this game.

    This is simple math.
    Let's wait for moderator to decide if this thread deserves the chance and elevate to upper levels.
  5. MyWay1999

    MyWay1999 User

    Hmm i would seperated battlegrounds and arena by player's strength and rank in pvp

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