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Discussion in 'Questions & Bug Reports' started by WaterWillow, Jan 13, 2021.

Dear forum reader,

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  1. WaterWillow

    WaterWillow Team Leader Team Pirate Storm

    Ahoy Pirates,

    Please include your server information when creating a post concerning issues with the Launcher. Also, please refer to the Announcement Section of the Forum related to the Launcher release notes, payment issues, and Login Issues.

    The Development Team is aware of the following issues:
    • Some non-premium accounts are unable to login.
    • Payment Center is unavailable via the Launcher. You may still access the payment center upon login to a web browser.
    • Connection to the US1 & LA1 Servers are slow or impossible for some accounts.
    • Launcher installed on computers lacking the necessary system requirements are crashing or are slow.
    • MacOS players cannot access the game. There are no plans to create a Launcher for any different operating system other than Windows.
    • Cannot save UserName and Password. This is planned improvement to come with the next update of the Launcher.

    Happy Sailing!
  2. [EVO]JandT

    [EVO]JandT User

    I can't enter the game, I downloaded 32 bit voucher but it won't let me into the game, I'm waiting for your staff answers
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  3. Hello please let me know if the support of pirate storm will create a launcher for MAC OS to play at pirate storm.
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  4. It just doesn't work.
    my computer has the requirements, the screen opens and logs in, but when you press play it appears a message that piratestorm does not respond and asks to close the program.
    Server LA1
    has had premiums and diamond packages since 2013 and 2021 arrives and ends all the years' work ¯\_(ヅ)_/¯

    edit: in your opinion as moderator of the forum, do you think you decide to open a ticket on the support about the non-functioning of the program?
    I didn't try to send it to support because I think it must be full of people doing it already
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  5. WaterWillow

    WaterWillow Team Leader Team Pirate Storm

    We need your server and a detailed description of your problem.

    There are no plans to create a launcher for any other system other than Windows.

    Do not contact Support. The Forum Team is communicating issues with the Launcher to the Development Team. Support takes care of individual player account issues. The Forum Team deals with issues that involve the game.

    There appears to be an issue with your system allowing the Launcher to run. We suggest a complete uninstall of the Launcher. Then reinstall the appropriate Launcher for your system.
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  6. I did as requested, removed the game and reinstalled again, but the error message continues as before.

    note: the game works on the first day, then it doesn't work anymore

    Server: LA1
    operational system 64 bits
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  7. william.j

    william.j User

    as for the locking on the laucher, of course it is ram, who has 4 gigabites has locking, and this is a large number of players because the pirate storm was an interesting and simple game running on any bad computer, the solution would be a laucher lighter, or several players will lose.
  8. [EVO]JandT

    [EVO]JandT User

    Server Eurpe 1
    i can't enter the game i installed 32 bit voucher but nothing, the game doesn't work
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  9. WaterWillow

    WaterWillow Team Leader Team Pirate Storm

    Ahoy Pirates,

    Please ensure that your computers meet the minimal system requirements. The minimum may entail closing all other unnecessary programs for the Launcher to run. It may be that all your issues are related your computer system itself.

    If you wish, I can open private messages to try and address your issues individually. There is not enough information to give an accurate, detailed report to the Development Team.

    As the Launcher is operational for 90% of players. A few issues indicate that the problem lies with the individual player computer systems.

    Happy Sailing!
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  10. [EVO]JandT

    [EVO]JandT User

    WaterWillow, team Leader,

    I give you my green light to try to solve my problems via messages, thank you very much
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  11. Me again.
    Running on us1 server. My system:
    Intel Core i7-4790 CPU @ 3.6GHz
    Ram 16.0GB
    System 64-bit OS, x64-based Processor
    Windows 10 pro v1909 build 18363.1316
    Internet service CenturyLink DSL
    9.71 Mbps download
    0.68 Mbps upload
    Latency: 25 ms
    Server: Seattle
    Your Internet speed is fine.
    Your Internet connection should be able to handle streaming an HD video.

    Since my wife was forced onto the launcher as well (she had been using the browser), crashes have increased. We are both experiencing them. Her system is roughly equivalent.

    Previously, increasing FPS to 64 eliminated almost all crashes (except sitting idle on the "Start" page). Now multiple crashes while sailing through lightly populated seas.

    So, two launchers sharing 10 Mbs seems to have trouble. The game is not that intense that this should be the case.
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  12. WaterWillow

    WaterWillow Team Leader Team Pirate Storm

    Ahoy -DeadeyeDavey- & [EVO]JandT,

    Please see the conversation that I have started with both of you.

    Happy Sailing!
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  13. hello, I was playing other flash games these days and already knowing that it would end I kept an eye on what they were going to do about this problem, and I saw that several flash games were updated to HTML and the problem was solved right away, there was no need to make an application or anything, the game website remained normal, would it be possible for the pirate storm team to do the same? and so forget about this application business. at least for now that several players are prevented from logging in, when they make an impeccable application there yes put a download option, for now this application that there is no good.
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  14. RangerII

    RangerII User

    Launcher problem - at least I think so, no problem before, when using Flash. Now the graphics are very jerky. Also experience lag between cursor or button click and action occuring onscreen. I use Windows 10.
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  15. [EVO]JandT

    [EVO]JandT User

  16. Hello I can(t imaging that bigpoint do't plan to create a launcher where MAC OS can work like PC. It would be discrimination for Apple palyers. INNOGAMES has created a launcher for PC and MAC OS system and not Bigpoint!!! I can't imagine that. So now I lost money because bigpoint don't create a launcher for MAC OS. Whose I can speak to tell him my feeling about the discrimination from bigpoint.
    Thank you to the support, moderator and bigpoint to ear my voice because I don't want to stop to play at pirate storm.
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  17. WaterWillow

    WaterWillow Team Leader Team Pirate Storm

    I suggest uninstalling the current Launcher you are using. Then reinstall the other Launcher. Again, knowing more detail about your particular problem is important.

    There are no plans to create a MacOS Launcher. However, it may be possible to download a program to your Mac computer that will enable the running of Windows application on your computer.
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  18. RangerII

    RangerII User

    DarkPatoche - there are several programs out there that will let you install a Windows program in your Mac. It somehow fools the MAC into believing it is a PC for that application. I have a MAC and that is what I did. They are called Virtual Machines. Look online. Some have a cost but there are similar free programs.
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  19. my eyes ache to see how the pirate storm community is made of a puppy. top game being run by incopetents.
    the application DOES NOT WORK
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  20. GamePS272

    GamePS272 User

    Payment Center is not available via the launcher or a web browser (not when Adobe Flash is now gone). Frankly you need to update this statement & tell the players the truth, Payment Center is no longer available. Very frankly if you are cutting out players on operating system other than Windows and players that would purchase diamonds, coins, etc. from being able to do so, I think you Bigpoint Games (not the employees in the forum or support) is a very despicable group. Just because you want the game to die, this is no way to kill it (like a dog tied up outside in winter with no warmth, much less any food or water). Be honest tell the players you are killing it ; give them a date ; and shut it off. In the meantime I will continue to play the game.