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Discussion in 'Players' Corner' started by HoutenPoot, Apr 19, 2016.

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  1. HoutenPoot

    HoutenPoot User


    While I was chatting with my fellow guild member just now I was kicked out of the chat because
    of bad behaviour..........Please investigate and tell me what went wrong as I did NOT do
    or say anything bad........This is very annoying

  2. HoutenPoot

    HoutenPoot User

    Dear Troywa65,

    None of the above was the case..........Are you able to view my chat of yesterday ? Then you will see.
    Anyway, I would like to receive a clear answer what I did wrong.
  3. slammer

    slammer User

    moderators can scroll back and see chats from the past. would be easier for them if you mentioned what time,server, chatbox (language) this happened.

    there are many reasons to get a chat ban: bad language - insulting other players - sharing private details ( passwords, address, bank accs etc ) - advertising (using brand names, talking about other computer games not from BP) - racist chat(sexist,homophobic, etc) - chatting about crime (drugs, hacking, theft) - spamming (more then 5 straight posts from the same person) - talking about chatbans,moderators - using the wrong language in designated language chatboxes ( example: using english in the dutch chatbox) - and there are probably more then i have mentioned.
  4. Wedgewood

    Wedgewood bp_phrase_Forum_Demigod


    slammer is correct. Without further information there would be no way to identify why you were kicked. If you say you had done nothing wrong was then it could have been a system automated kick as a result of a typing error.