Job opportunity for Support or Moderation positions !!!

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Dear forum reader,

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  1. Good morning to my friends at BIGPOINT and a big hug to OESSYAN.

    Game from 2012 and I see that all this time there were many changes and loss of supports, I have a long life and a good story to tell about this game that is very good and addictive. As you can see I'm a player on the latam1 server, I'm Brazilian and I saw that we lost our special support from our country, I'm looking for an opportunity and inform myself that I will be very appreciated and very gratified to be part of my country's support position.
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    Ahoy †ξMłßĿξ,

    This Forum is a combined Forum of the old English Forum and many of the others. However, the other forums and their contents were taken offline due to inactivity. The Forums were merged together on 2017.

    Support for Pirate Storm is only available in English and German.

    There are presently no positions being advertised for hiring. If one becomes available an announcement will be made in the Forum. You may see the previous Announcement regarding moderator requirements.

    Happy Sailing!
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  3. Ahoy, WaterWillow :)

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    Ahoy †ξMłßĿξ,

    You are welcome!

    Best Regards!

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